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Data migration is tricky, and many enterprises need assistance to extract and unlock quality data. It often requires specialized tools such as Connectors to smoothen the migration process. Similarly, SAP migration from conventional software such as ECC and R/3 to a dynamic state-of-the-art system like S/4HANA demands an agile connector. Boomi SAP Connector’sadvanced integration capabilities set it apart from other integration platforms. It decentralizes data, which helps in load balancing and handling data redundancy effectively. With SAP integration using Boomi, enterprises can benefit from a decentralized data extraction process and additional advantages. 

Understanding the Role of Boomi Connectors  

Boomi is a cloud-native and intelligent platform that connects the employees and operations of a business with each other. Boomi enables businesses to automate their processes effortlessly through a wide range of connectors. 

The Boomi SAP Connector simplifies the SAP system significantly. It transfers the processes, applications, and data to the SAP system quickly, securely, and reliably. With Boomi Connector, enterprises can access the required data from an SAP system without expert help. When you unlock SAP data with Boomi, the system empowers you to collect data from other third-party systems. The collected data is then organized efficiently to help businesses generate valuable insights for decision-making. 

Benefits of the Boomi SAP Connector 

Listed below are some more benefits of a Boomi SAP Connector: 

Rapid deployment

Boomi reduces the resources required and the time needed for SAP data extraction. It combines data from legacy applications (on-premise or cloud) and contemporary ones and arranges it quickly.

Reduces dependencies

As the number of developmental dependencies increases, so does the time needed for a project’s completion. Boomi’s SAP connector comes with a comfortable and easily navigable user interface that significantly reduces the developmental dependencies of any business. 

Prerequisites for SAP Integration using Boomi

Various SAP and environmental configurations precede the process of SAP integration using Boomi. These configurations are recommended to be performed by experts. 

Atom Configuration: A configured local atom from your network is needed to integrate with the SAP application. 

SAP Configuration for BAPI integration: Download the SAP Library for Java Connectivity from the SAP Service Market. This is required for integration with BAPI or remote function modules. 

SAP Configuration for IDoc integration: Similarly, the SAP Java IDoc Class Library prepares the connector for integrating with IDoc. 

Setup for Connector Configuration

After the above steps are performed, connector configuration can be done. When you integrate SAP using Boomi, the system is directly connected to application exchange data based on NetWeaver. It is done through IDocs, BAPI, or RFM in the SAP system. Boomi Connector must be configured through the setup of SAP operation and connection.

Boomi SAP Connector helps in the following actions:

LISTEN: It is used for processing or receiving IDocs.

GET: This action is used for getting a remote function module.

SEND: With this action, the connector performs inbound IDocs processing.

Supported Editions

Boomi SAP Connector only supports the SAP editions listed below: 

  • On-premise SAP systems with S/4HANA
  • SAP Java Connector 3.0.x accessible SAP business suites
  • Traditional SAP R/3 versions 4.0 and 4.5 to 4.7
  • SAP Netweaver Application Server-based SAP solutions

Key Takeaways 

  • Boomi SAP connector enables fast and secure data migration from SAP R/3 systems to S/4HANA. 
  • With a reliable SAP Connector, businesses can reduce dependencies and enable rapid deployment of new systems. 
  • A professional expert must ensure the SAP and environmental configurations are performed before using the connector. 

PreludeSys is a Boomi Silver Partner and we enable smooth integration of third-party applications to the unified Boomi AtomSphere platform for advanced data processing and generating insights. Learn more about the Boomi platform from resources on our website.

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