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Upgrade Your Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

14 May 2020

‘Customer is king’ is an age-old mantra that stresses the importance of customers. The adage may be old, but its relevance stays as high as ever. Providing a better customer experience is the topmost priority for any business at any point in time. Customers need to be heard; if you don’t listen properly, then your competitor will! That is why you need to upgrade the way you offer customer service to match the expectations of the customers in this tech-driven world. Gartner predicts that 70% of organizations will improve employee productivity with AI by the end of 2020, and customer service is definitely one of them.

How can you use AI in customer service?

Many organizations have already integrated AI in their business and are using them in various ways. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence to enable machines to understand, analyze, and manipulate. By integrating this Artificial Intelligence, you can enhance your customer experiences with real-time, fast, accurate, and consistent customer service.

Artificial Intelligence is majorly transforming customer service with the Machine Learning capabilities (ML) to predict and make decisions automatically and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to making sense of text and speech and presenting a solution. 

Now, AI is not going to entirely replace human intervention in customer service, but it is going to empower the team to be more effective. Let us see how your customer service team can provide an exceptional customer experience with AI.

Faster responses to the customers’ queries

All customers need a quick resolution to their queries. It can be about refunds, login issues, bugs, or forgotten passwords; your customer needs a quick answer to it. Customers hate waiting and tend to get frustrated easily.

AI will be able to handle all the “simple to find” queries and “commonly asked queries” through live chat. Unlike having a human customer service professional, AI live chat is available 24/7 to ensure faster responses to customers at any time. With AI, businesses can eliminate risks such as late responses, irrelevant responses, mood swings, emotional outbursts, tardiness, or unannounced absences.

Extra support in customer queries 

AI and chatbots enable you to scale up easily. With human agents, there are logistical hurdles like recruitment, training, benefits, etc. AI-powered tools, with its feature of scalability, can give you the extra support that you need in handling the large amounts of customer queries that come in.

High-quality real-time support 

At times, when you have a lot of queries queuing in, it gets very difficult to manage it with lean customer service, and when people are rushed to deal with a huge number of queries in a very short time, there are higher chances of poor quality customer service.However, with Artificial Intelligence, your customer service moves faster with consistent quality.

Are you looking for an AI solution to upgrade your customer service?

Microsoft Azure’s AI and ML services along with Azure’s bot services, provide you the most comprehensive AI solutions for customer service. Not only with bots but also with email responses, auto messaging, etc., AI is the ideal option for all businesses now. By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s entire suite of AI stack that includes Azure Bot Services, Azure ML Studio, Azure Workbench, and Azure Cognitive Services, we have enabled AI for a lot of our customers. To learn more about our Digital Transformation offerings, Talk to Us! We specialize in planning and executing the Digital Transformation strategy of our clients, and AI plays a big part in our DX portfolio.

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