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The new normal for digital businesses is to engineer applications that reduce IT efforts, fuel innovation, and be agile. To stay in line with the changing business models and evolving technologies, it’s important that you make your applications nimble and transformative, and that’s exactly what Azure application modernization does.

As the most trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide end-to-end application modernization solutions with Azure and help you move to a cloud-ready, agile, and scalable ecosystem.

Our simple modernization journey process

  1. Understand modernization requirements
  2. Validate modernization goals
  3. Assess application portfolio
  4. Assure system readiness
  5. Accelerate migration journey.

Modern Application Development

Build applications that create a modern workplace

Work with modern applications that offers a consistent development and operations experience.

Are you working on legacy systems? Is modern application development part of your roadmap?

Modern applications enable you to run your business operations on the most updated infrastructure and platform, leveraging the latest tools and technologies. This way, organizations can increase the frequency of deployments, reduce resources required to run applications, and improve uptime and resiliency.

PreludeSys expert team of professionals with real hands-on experience in developing modern business applications help you expand your business with confidence and see high success rate. We build modern applications that enable you to innovate rapidly using cloud-native architecture including microservices, DevOps support, managed databases, AI, and built-in monitoring. This approach makes the applications less heavy, loosely coupled, and can be deployed and scaled independently of one another.

Don’t you think modern application is a common feature of the digital transformation strategy?

Adopt microservices – Real benefits worth the challenges

Microservices being a popular architectural style for modern applications and cloud being the one stop destination for hosting those applications, microservices becomes must have to cloud computing.

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Adopt microservices - Real benefits worth the challenges
Modernize your apps efficiently using DevOps approach

Modernize your apps efficiently using DevOps approach

DevOps is a software development process that automates and integrates the efforts of development and IT operations teams to speed the delivery of high-quality software.

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Leverage Power apps to transform ideas into organizational solutions

Increasing agility and scaling demands require business apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges. Power apps is the easy way to achieve that!

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Leverage Power apps to transform ideas into organizational solutions

Our Approach

Quick start solution

A simple, strategic approach that can solve minor technology roadblocks more efficiently yet go in line with your budget. We do a few fine updates, and your legacy application will be perfectly fit to perform your business operations, as expected. We propose a methodical alternative to the complete revamp model – Quick Start solution that minimizes complications and maximizes efficiency!

Complete implementation

When you choose this model, you intend to upgrade your outdated legacy systems completely with cloud-native architectures. While building modern, business-friendly applications, we help fine-tune your operations and run processes without disruptions. We will deploy applications after rigorous testing that will help jump start using applications without any delays. A complete overhaul!

Value proposition

Ensure business continuity

Enable your legacy applications to be future-ready by aligning with the latest technology

Reduce operational costs

Modernize business-critical applications to reduce your operational and maintenance costs

Improve customer experience

Eliminate frequent operational glitches and ensure a seamless user experience for your customers

Enhance operational model

Revamp your conventional business model and monotonous workflows for better application flexibility

Better application performance

Enable your legacy applications to be future-ready by aligning with the latest technology requirements

Eliminate hardware dependencies

Improve operational efficiency, mobility, and accessibility by moving your applications to the cloud

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