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5 Best Approaches to Modernize Legacy Applications

27 November 2018

Companies large and small heavily invest in legacy modernization and other strategic digital solutions to enhance customer experiences, increase brand engagement, and drive bottom-line results.

Experts suggest that a few years from now, legacy systems will become completely obsolete. However, the time for the age-old legacy applications has finally arrived. With business operations getting digitized, enterprises can’t progress forward with applications that are incompatible, slow, and go through frequent operational glitches. It’s time for a change!

How long will your business be able to hold onto the legacy applications?

Evolving customer expectations, rising need for agile businesses, and ever-expanding Big Data and cloud-native technologies have resulted in the rise of application modernization solutions.

What are the challenges in managing legacy systems?
  • Aging Infrastructure – It is one major obstacle that prevents converting legacy applications to future-proof solutions.
  • Lack of Agility – Legacy apps are most often vital to the company, and migrating them to a modernized platform could run the risk of operational hazards.
  • Legacy Systems – Legacy systems may not work cohesively with the next-gen technologies and platforms, posing a significant threat for the app developers and integrators.
  • Monolithic Design – Monolithic applications are self-contained applications that increase the complexities of modernizing or customizing the framework.
  • Data and App Security – Security is one of the most primary concerns as organizations pursue application modernization.
  • Technology know-how – Without knowing the right strategic approach, organizations don’t initiate application modernization to avoid technology-fueled disruption.
Top trends driving your modernization journey
  • Migrate/ModernizeApp modernization and migration are radically transforming businesses by improving efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, and elevating customer and employee experiencesion and migration are radically transforming businesses by improving efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, and elevating customer and employee experiences
  • Cloud-Native/Optimized – Enterprises need to choose between building cloud-native applications or moving their existing applications to the cloud and optimizing them to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and deliver more value
  • Low/No-Code Platform – Businesses can take advantage of low-code/no-code (LCNC) app development platforms that enable developers to build applications using drag-and-drop tools swiftly
  • Containers – Businesses are largely capitalizing on application containerization to move faster, increase productivity, and operate at an unprecedented scale
  • Microservices –This architecture, hugely popular for its flexibility and scalability, enables you to support an array of platforms, including web, mobile, Internet of Things, wearables, among the others
  • Mobility for LOB apps – Enterprises can harness the benefits of LOB applications to increase flexibility and mobility options for employees while enabling smoother testing and deployment with more robust security at lower costs
  • RPA/Machine Learning/Analytics – Integrating RPA into machine learning and analytics gives you a truly competitive edge to drive digital transformation in your organization
5 best approaches to modernize legacy applications

Our wide array of application solutions include but is not limited to

  • modernization of legacy apps
  • porting existing applications across technology and/or platforms
  • enterprise portal solutions 

Here’s PreludeSys’ unique 5 step approach towards app modernization

STEP 1 – Assessment

Application Modernization Assessment – During this stage, we assess the core characteristics of the application, including the lifecycle of the app, its complexity, regulatory compliance, architecture of existing apps, among many others, to determine the right app modernization approach.

STEP 2 – Migration

The scope of migration ranges from porting legacy application software, database conversion, web-enabling, or turnkey migration to a new OS or platform. Our legacy migration solutions are designed to deliver increased agility, security, and productivity while driving down cost and minimizing disruption to business continuity.

STEP 3 – Rehost/Refactor

At this project level, we redeploy applications to a different hardware environment and change the application’s infrastructure configuration. This method of rehosting applications ensures faster cloud migration. Also, the decision to re-architect or rehost is made based on distinct requirements of the business to deliver true value to our clients.

STEP 4 – Rearchitect

Between rehosting and re-architecting, we determine the right methodology to deploy based on the long-term impact of the migration. We recommend re-architecting for the fact that re-architected cloud-native applications often support future growth more effectively than applications that aren’t modified.

STEP 5 – Rebuild/Replace

We rebuild cloud-native applications that give you agility and flexibility by delivering speed, scale, and value – speed to meet your customers’ demands quickly, scale to optimize your application resources, and value to your business and clients.

What are the possible challenges in legacy app modernization?

Before you jump into the modernization journey, you must have a proper understanding of the modernization requirements. This will aid you in overcoming the common modernization pitfalls and enjoy a hassle-free migration process.

Businesses often fail when it comes to picking the best-fit modernization strategy. You can’t find a modernization strategy that fits all requirements; it solely depends on your existing legacy systems and modernization requirements. Like every other technology transition, application modernization also comes with a few challenges like,

  • Change management
  • Poor budgeting
  • Data migration
  • Lack of training
  • Picking the modernization strategy
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance and integrations
Modernize to witness the change – PreludSys can help!

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner with more than two decades of experience, we guide businesses to leverage the latest modernization solutions to upgrade their business model and be ready for the digital world. It’s time to future-proof your applications and power your business forward.

Modernize your legacy systems with PreludeSys and improve the operational efficiency of your applications. Say goodbye to operational glitches with our tailor-made solution models. We are right here to help you.

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