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Reimagine Customer Experience | Build Conversational Experiences

Create Compelling Conversations with your Customers

Build a smart, enterprise-grade bot that helps you deliver customer delight without compromising on customer data. From a Q&A bot to building your own virtual assistant, build any bot that delivers customer support 24/7 with Azure Bot Development.

Build a bot that can interact with users by integrating Azure cognitive services effortlessly.
Apply open-source SDK tools to build, test and publish your bot to Microsoft Azure.
Install your bot across channels to interact with your customers.
Build your own branded virtual assistant using solution accelerators.

Build natural language and speech capabilities to your bot

Enhance user experience through conversational bots that are powered with Azure cognitive Solutions & AI services without having prior experience in machine learning.

  • Speech

  • Search

  • Language

  • QnA Maker

  • Vision

Transform Your bots in phases

Build an open-end framework that helps you create a basic informational bot to slow-down high volume of enquiries. In the hindsight, advanced bots and virtual assistants come a long way to handle multi-turn conversations seamlessly with your users.

Re-imagine Customer Experiences with Azure Cognitive Services


Enables you to make decisions quicker, detect anomalies in data, moderate or personalize content.


Helps with the Language Understanding service (LUIS), QnA Maker, & machine-based text translation.


Allows the integration of speech-enabled features (speech-to-text, text-to-speech, translation) into applications.


Assists in building custom image classifiers. Supports face attribute detection & video indexer.

Web Search

Provides complete access to search services.

Create endless possibilities with Azure AI bots

  • Seamless Customer Engagement
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Business Branding
  • Ease of Communication
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Generate Qualified Leads

Standard user interface

Conversational bots always make the better cut. Like other apps and websites, bots have a UI with messages instead of screens.

Content organization

Build content pipeline and associated logic without machine learning expertise to make the conversation more relevant to the audience.

Conversation workflow

Carefully designed bots have a conversational flow that feels natural. With the Azure bot, experience how you can handle the core conversations seamlessly and interruptions gracefully.

Multi-Channel (Alexa/email)

Configure your bot to communicate with people using (Alexa) device that support custom skills.

Revamp your engagement model with Microsoft Azure Bot Services

Our bot development experts have proven expertise in developing intelligent and scalable AI bots for diverse industries.Some of the business domains where we have successfully implemented AI bots include – healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, travel & hospitality, and information technology.

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