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Key Benefits of Migrating To Azure Cloud

15 April 2020

With cloud technology driving the digital transformation, almost all organizations in the market consider cloud investments to be one of their high priorities. According to the latest surveys, there would be a 28% increase in revenue for the year 2022 in cloud migration. Many businesses have come to the realisation that cloud enablement services are the most reliable solution to keep their business going after the major impact created by the rampant pandemic. In fact, it is obvious that many organizations and businesses invested in cloud services to avail cloud-native technologies more than ever.

Having discussed the drastic adoption of cloud-based services in recent times, it is now time to find out where exactly is your organization or enterprise positioned.

  • Have you already moved to the cloud and looking to optimize it?
  • Are you considering changing your cloud platform?
  • Are you yet tomigrate to the cloud and weighing different options?

Wherever you are, the questions you have would be the same. Which platform to choose? What are the benefits? How do I ensure ROI?

Cloud computing is the solution that is capable of meeting most of your IT business demands and helping you overcome challenges. Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud platform service provider in the market that is transforming organizations and enterprises around the globe with their unique cloud services. Azure is a cloud-computing platform meant to build, deploy, and manage applications/services via Microsoft managed data centre network. Various industries including healthcare, finance services and banking, retail, etc. use Microsoft Azure. What makes Azure the most-sought solution by many organizations is its reliable methods of solving the challenges of on-premises infrastructure

Here are the top three reasons why Azure cloud migration is the best cloud solution provider in the market.

Three Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Flexibility and Scalability: With Azure cloud migration, organizations can easily move the computing resources up and down as required by business needs and workload using the hybrid cloud model. It is also possible to quickly scale up and scale down your data storage capabilities. These enhanced flexibility and scalability options make Azure a suitable and personalized solution for organizations of any size and any industry. In addition, Azure supports almost any OS, language, tool, or framework that the organizations use in the market which makes it a lot more compatible. Another major advantage of leveraging Azure’s cloud migration services is the pay-per-use model where the customer has to pay only for the cloud resources they use and not for the IT assets.

Increased Availability and Reliability: Azure cloud migration allows you to access your data on the cloud at any time from any location. Azure availability zones provide individual physical locations to protect applications and data from failures. Azure offers incoming traffic to multiple locations to achieve high availability and responsiveness. Since Azure is under Microsoft, the technology giant with a global footprint, it provides high availability. Also, as most of the end-users use Microsoft products, Azure finds it very easy to align with technology roadmaps and digital workplaces strategies that are already based on the Microsoft stack. Azure can offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% and 24×7 tech support.

Disaster Recovery and Advanced Data Security: Another important benefit of Microsoft Azure cloud migration is the numerous options for disaster recovery plans. Azure’s disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions ensure the availability of the data during an outage by using automated workload replication, failover, and recovery processes. The availability of multi-factor authentication and sophisticated disaster recovery abilities can restore data in a matter of hours and assure the continuity of service delivery even in times of any disaster. Microsoft has designed the Azure cloud in such a way that it is ahead in protecting your data with many compliance certifications and regular validation without interrupting the production applications. Azure’s best in class data backup systems can store a vast amount of data and create multiple copies of the data for any future use in case of any data loss or failure.

Why choose a cloud service provider to migrate to Azure Cloud?

Organizations and enterprises should meticulously plan and execute cloud migration to perfection as it normally involves a lot of complex combinations of data, apps, profiles, and technology. There are different types of methods to perform depending upon the volume and type of data for cloud migration along with the business needs and expectations of the customer.

The step-by-step strategy to migrate to the Azure cloud is as follows:

  • Assess – organizations must assess their physical and virtual servers, categorise the apps for migration, choose the right cloud migration strategy.
  • Migrate – they need to choose which approach (rehost, refactor, rebuild, rearchitect, retain) they would need for their applications.
  • Optimize – it is important to utilize the right resources, manage and optimize workloads and spend on the essentials.
  • Test and Maintain – it is crucial to ensure the safety and privacy of the data which is organizations should regularly monitor and back up data regularly.

When migrating to Azure Cloud, proper assessment and planning are absolutely essential and that is why you need a seasoned and reliable IT services provider to build a well-tailored strategy for cloud migration that suits your business.

Why choose PreludeSys?

As a valuable Golden Partner of Microsoft Azure, PreludeSys has more than two decades of experience in the IT services arena. Our team of certified experts offer an end-to-end approach, starting from the assessment to the final delivery of solutions using the best Azure cloud services. Our carefully designed and developed cloud enablement services can cater to even the complex business needs of organizations and enterprises across industries. If your organization is on the lookout for a cloud partner to redefine your cloud migration process or needs to migrate to the cloud, you are just a click away from getting in touch with our team of cloud professionals.

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