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Boomi facilitates seamless integration of Salesforce with NetSuite

24 January 2020

Boomi facilitates seamless integration of Salesforce with NetSuite

Wouldn’t you have a happy and peaceful night’s sleep if your sales team enjoys real-time insights on customer orders and deliveries while your customer service team gets input on your next customer as and when they are on-boarded! Sounds impossible? Well, if you can integrate Salesforce with NetSuite, this is absolutely possible. NetSuite is well-known for its ERP and back-office operations, while Salesforce is known for its optimum customer service and seamless sales process. Both products are leaders in their respective fields with their proven solutions, and integrating the two solutions can make businesses more productive than ever.

Efficacy of Boomi Salesforce-NetSuite Integration Accelerator

When businesses try to manually move data between these two versatile applications, a myriad of problems arises. This may include data inaccuracy, data silos, rising manual effort, and the list goes on. So obviously, a technical integration of these two apps is the only surefire solution to these irritants. Having said that, successful integration of NetSuite and Salesforce is not everyone’s cup of tea. An under-par executed integration will only complicate the issues further. This is where Boomi’s suite of integration tools adds immense value to businesses. Boomi has established itself as the best integrating solution across all platforms and technologies. Their Boomi Salesforce-Netsuite Integration Accelerator is the perfect solution when it comes to make these two applications communicate with each other seamlessly in real-time.

As said before, a typical order-to-cash process is often manual, which is error-prone, tedious, and labor-intensive. However, with Boomi’s Salesforce-NetSuite Integration Accelerator and skilled experts, your lead to cash workflow becomes fast, efficient, and accurate. Boomi makes it simple to automate the synchronization of account, sales order, product, and other information between NetSuite and Salesforce. Furthermore, with the exchange of real-time data, your sales team and customer service team can get a clear picture of the lead-to-cash flow process. This can not only increase business productivity but can also enhance employee performance and promote customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Boomi Salesforce-NetSuite Integration Accelerator

The integration gives sales reps never before clarity into the customer order history, payments, and communications stored in NetSuite. Managers get timely insights for sales and forecasting. This also eliminates the laborious manual entry and lookups for front- and back-office personnel. Overall, Boomi drives efficiency across your lead-to-cash cycle, freeing sales reps and accounting team, and ensuring happy customers with accurate, timely order fulfillment.

The merit does not end there; you can extend the Boomi unified platform to connect to additional applications, cleanse and avail rich data, manage your partner network, build workflows, manage APIs, and more. With Boomi, you can start quickly, build efficiently, and grow confidently.

Why PreludeSys

As a Boomi certified implementation partner, PreludeSys, with more than two decades of experience in the industry, offers best-in-class solutions to suit all your integration needs. Coordinating closely with Boomi, PreludeSys delivers best-in-class, cost-effective integration solutions for cloud and on-premises applications to enable customers to accelerate business agility and achieve holistic digital transformation. Additionally, our services also include A2A, EAI, B2B, ETL, MDM, and API management. Want to learn more about PreludeSys and our Boomi services? Talk to us now!

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