A leading Electronics spare parts manufacturer leverages PreludeSys Azure capabilities to automate chat process and convert more leads

About the client

Client is an Electronics spare parts manufacturer based in California, consistently delivering high-end products since 1995

Client requirement

As a leading electronic manufacturer in the West Coast, the management’s vision was to extend their operations across the US. To power this growth drive, a lot of new lead generations channels are being tried out. One major investment was in marketing. As they drove more leads into their website, the team initiated live chat services in their website. Unfortunately, due to poor training and insufficient resources, the Live Chat was not successful in converting the leads to closure. At this time, client wanted to explore a solution that would automate their chat process and convert more leads.


PreludeSys advisory team spent quality time with the client’s Marketing and Sales teams to understand the requirements and expectations. The solution was to customize a Chatbot using Azure Bot Services. Keeping in mind the importance and urgency of the mission, we planned to complete the assignment in 5 days. All the collected inputs were fed into the QnA maker of the Azure Machine Learning services. That Chatbot was programmed to dynamically respond to questions by using machine learning logic. The program would also make use of the email templates and standard responses to fix appointments and convey messages.

  • The chatbot’s 24×7 presence made a huge difference in terms of availability. In conjuction with the ability to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, resource crunch or skill gap was not an issue anymore.
  • Our clients lead generation rate shot up by 38%, which ultimately had a positive impact on the conversion rate as well.
  • The chatbot campaign was apparently cost-effective and easily scalable with a higher lead generation capacity.
  • The response time and ability to comprehend visual cues gave the chatbot an edge over their pervious process by a significant margin.
  • The API integration of the chatbot with their CRM helped automate lead flow and decreased lead lifecycle by 27%.
  • The machine learning ability of the chatbot made it capable of identifying sentiments and intents of the audience, gave a human-like touch to the chatbot.