A leading retailer in the US used our CAM Audit Services to save up to $150,000

About the client

The client is a leading retailer with 175 stores across the United States.

Client requirement
  • The client requested a rigorous CAM audit for their outlets.
  • They needed a team with specialized knowledge of CAM lease audits for a thorough appraisal of all their business venues.
  • Our CAM specialists applied their expertise to meticulously conduct a comprehensive CAM audit for the client’s outlets.
  • A thorough examination identified numerous errors spread across various sections, such as incorrect base year amounts, administration fee discrepancies, escrow payment mistakes, and inconsistencies in either the inclusion or exclusion of expenses.
  • Our expert team successfully identified a landlord’s billing errors and sorted the dispute, demonstrating our ability to advocate for our clients.
  • As a direct result of our diligent CAM audit services, the tenant saved up to $150,000.