A retail enterprise utilizes Boomi to modernize their workflow

About the client

The client is a popular retail chain following a traditional workflow model. They required a more dynamic, modern platform that could handle large volumes of data and, at the same time, decrease their turnaround time.

Client requirement
  • The client used a traditional model of point-point integration, which caused delays in data transfer from different systems. Moreover, the user experience took a massive hit due to the lack of API-driven design.
  • Tightly coupled integrations led to a cumbersome experience for the customers. In addition, a lack of strategy was apparent due to poor design layouts.
  • Another big concern was that application teams manually managed most of the integration projects. This hampered their workflow and caused many errors.
  • PreludeSys is an industry leader in offering customized iPaaS solutions. As a Boomi advanced partner, the PreludeSys team assessed the client’s existing workflows to understand the automation needs and recommended the best-fit solution.
  • Based on the observations, the team formulated a well-planned API-driven strategy. Boomi’s API management helped in creating a centralized database.
  • Design guidelines for all the integrations will help in future alterations and customization.
  • Using Boomi’s API-driven approach, a rigid governance process is established for project initiation and SDLC. This helped shift governance from the applications team to a new central integrations team.
  • Eliminated application dependency
  • ARB process enabled consistent design approach across integration types
  • Improved reusability from frameworks – exception handler, audits, and logs.
  • Metadata strategy helped with efficient implementations and shorter turnaround times.