Boomi platform and Oracle Data Integrator support

About the client

Our client is a regulated electricity distribution company operating in the City of Ottawa and the Village of Casselman in Ontario, Canada.

Client requirement

The client uses Oracle data integrator and Boomi as their integration solutions platform. They required platform support and documentation for future Boomi development.

  • Interfaces did not have robust error handling, which made monitoring difficult.
  • Analyze and fix production issues on documented ODI processes.
  • Interfaces in the ODI were not well documented.

We identified the current system and its shortcomings and provided a roadmap to migrate their ODI integrations to the Boomi platform.

  • We offered technical documentation of their current ODI integrations.
  • We resolved many production issues with the help of the new documentation.
  • Following the documentation, we migrated a significant integration project from ODI to Boomi.
  • With new requirements, we suggested Boomi as the go-to platform and developed multiple new web services with different levels of security within a few days.
  • The latest web service we developed, we delivered within two days from the initial request and successfully promoted to UAT in a day.
  • New documentation of ODI processes helped in future development and faster resolution of production issues.
  • Developed an enhanced version of one of their direct integration from ODI in Boomi, with robust error handling, reducing failures and removing false error notifications.
  • Faster turnaround time for the development of integrations.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Boomi, Oracle Database, Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)