Business process automation using Power Apps yields quantifiable outcomes

About the client

The client is a global seafood leader dedicated to sustainability and innovation. With a focus on health and well-being across their Group’s portfolio, they continue to strengthen the growth and profitability of their core businesses and plan to expand into new, attractive areas.

Client requirement

Streamlining the vendor registration process was a significant challenge for our client in France. The multiple levels of approval required from different departments made it complex, leading to delays involving a considerable amount of manual intervention. The lack of automation only increased complexity, resulting in additional delays. The interface between the existing vendor management application and the SAP database caused system latency issues, making the registration process even more difficult. And to top it off, they never had any idea about the number of vendor requests handled daily. Our client needed a solution to these challenges and an automated process to manage vendor registration requests. Challenges faced by the client:

  • Complex vendor management application
  • Lack of automation delayed the process
  • Vendor application and SAP database syncing issue
  • Laborious manual process

PreludeSys developed a Portal Power Apps application to create and maintain vendor master records. This powerful tool allows a large set of users to access the records quickly and streamlines the approval process through an automated workflow. The client could process the most recent vendor data, ensuring that all records are always up-to-date. The vendor management process became more seamless through the validation and approval of vendor records in Microsoft Dataverse. The validated records are moved to the SAP database, which interfaces with the vendor registration application. PreludeSys completed the following:

  • Implemented Portal Power Apps application
  • Automated approval workflows by departments
  • Workflow automation to store data in the SAP database
  • Approval process automation yielded better results.
  • Eliminating manual intervention boosted productivity.
  • Simplified vendor registration requests tracking and validation.
  • SAP interface with the vendor’s Power Apps application removed latency.