Client is a leading real estate management company specializing in lease management and mortgage services

Client is a leading real estate management company specializing in lease management and mortgage services, helping property owners focus on their core real estate goals and objectives.

Business Challenge

  • The client followed a manual business process for their lease management requirements and was dependent on basic Office 365 tools such as Excel spreadsheets, One Drive, etc., to keep track of the real estate documents and their statuses.
  • They wanted to automate the workflows of document indexing, categorization, data extraction, and other lease administration-related processes to improve operational performance and quality of their leasing services.

Technology / Enviroment

Power Apps, Flow, One Drive, Office365, Power BI, SQL Server, MS Excel


  1. PowerApps simplified their entire lease administration and management process and fastened the automation
  2. Workflow automation improved their leasing efficiency
  3. The client gained increased visibility into the critical lease information through Power BI reports and dashboards
  4. Business process automation using Power Platform minimized manual errors and eliminated dependencies
  5. Instant reports with custom KPIs helped them streamline their process and focus on metrics that drive opportunities and success

PreludeSys Solution

  • PreludeSys’s expert team carefully analyzed the client’s lease management process and workflows to streamline their automation needs and readiness.
  • As a best-fit solution, we recommended automating all the lease administration and management processes using the Power Platform that encompasses PowerApps, Microsoft Flows, and Power BI.
  • We remediated their pain point by automating their existing document indexing, document categorization, data extraction, etc., workflows leveraging Microsoft Flows and PowerApps to build an intuitive web application to perform the lease administration process.
  • To monitor the progress of all the processes and keep track of their statuses, we implemented Power BI reports and dashboards that helped them drill down deeper into insights about individual processes.
  • We automated the entire lease administration process, and their user groups started performing their operations through the newly built application.
  • We in-built task assignment, task performance, document flow, and quality check activities as part of the new solution.