Connect apps to improve integration solutions & delivery for an SAP Success Factors SI

Based out of Michigan, client is one of the largest providers of cloud-based HCM and talent management projects that ensure a 90% customer retention rate.

Business Challenge

Client’s major hurdle was that their enterprise applications were operating in silos and they required a big team to export data from one application and feed them into another application. This was not only affecting their productivity, but also acted as a portal through which manual errors crept in. Client required a framework to integrate all their enterprise apps like Payroll, Time & Expense and ERP applications.

Applications Integrated


  • Client experienced an immediate productivity and efficiency boost
  • They were able to bring down the project implementation schedules by 25%
  • The integration framework simplified error handling, auditing, run-time logs, and other processes

PreludeSys Solution

PreludeSys integration team met with the client’s stakeholders to understand the pain points and requirements. Armed with all the information, PreludeSys team decided to utilize the Dell Boomi, the robust integration platform to create a reusable integration framework. The integration helped in extracting information from the client’s enterprise applications with minimum tweaks.


Client,“Reusable integration framework designed by the Prelude implementation team based on Boomi AtomSphere allowed customers to integrate SuccessFactors with multiple target applications, that involved very short turnaround times for implementation & deployment.”