Database integration with Salesforce and Innovest Cloud for a Financial Services company

About the client

Our client is a leading financial service provider who focuses on providing unique custody solutions and has a reputation for its ability to solve the most complex custody requirements by crafting new solutions.

Client requirement

Our client had been using Informatica to manage integrations between Salesforce and their database. Their primary objective was to retire their integration part from Informatica and get them replicated in MuleSoft.

  • They required a simplified data transfer strategy as they were dealing with complex data.
  • Our client also required a baseline framework for supporting intricate integrations in the future and in scaling up the existing applications.

Our integration team met the stakeholders and did an assessment to implement these following activities:

  • We integrated iMap services with InnovestCloud.
  • Integrated the login and account objects in Salesforce with InnovestCloud.
  • On the design level, we used batch processing in MuleSoft to run a higher data volume.
  • The major functional add-ons we incorporated were the addition of APIs.
  • They were able to bring down the project implementation schedules by 25%
  • Utilization of batch processing resulted in increased scalability.
  • Streamlined workflow since Salesforce and MuleSoft are a natural fit.
  • Addition of APIs assisted in the integration and could be scheduled to run at a specific time.

MuleSoft, Salesforce