Here’s how we zeroed down on downtime for a leading insurance company

About the client

The client is a leading Title Insurance Company that facilitates and streamlines real estate transactions by providing comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement services. With experience dating back to 1889, the company offers its services through direct operations and a network of qualified agents across the United States as well as internationally.

Client requirement
  • To serve their customers better, a solution was developed by the client to enable easy access to important information like property address, city, state, and information about property owners.
  • Over the years, the firm accumulated a tremendous volume of data. To manage the sheer volume of data on their systems they had to make constant hardware and storage upgrades. This resulted in data silos and frequent downtimes. There was a strong need for automating business processes.
  • PreludeSys’ technical team identified that the only way to completely prevent downtime was to deploy a multi-home strategy. Our team of experts recognized that Datastax, a hybrid cloud database management system would be the best fit solution as it has multi-home at its very foundation.
  • DSE’s flawless architecture provides zero downtime at the database platform level as well as deployment freedom.
  • We implemented Datastax Apache Cassandra on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which eliminated server downtime.
  • The client could access information easily and user authenticated logins ensured complete data privacy.
  • The client was able to attain zero downtime, eliminate data redundancy, and improve data consistency, data sharing, and greater security.
  • The client’s users were able to search through billions of property records for personalized information without facing any technical discrepancy.
  • Ultimately, the amount of time spent on managing data was reduced by 48%.