A medical records discovery company leverages PreludeSys’ domain knowledge and expertise in medical records review to summarize the records

About the client

The client is a document discovery company that retrieves and delivers medical records to law firms involved in worker’s compensation cases.

Client requirement
  • Client was facing competition from other service providers who helped the attorneys to cut down on the time they need to review the records with their services.
  • The documents run into thousands of pages making it difficult for the doctors and medical professionals to identify which records are needed for the examination.
  • The client did not have the bandwidth to set up a records review team in-house.
  • They wanted to play the field without incurring heavy cost and so approached PreludeSys.
  • PreludeSys domain experts stepped in to understand the specific requirements of the client.
  • Requirements detailed the information to be summarized, the format of the summary and special instructions for different providers.
  • Once the team understood the specifications, they set about building the offshore team and transitioned the knowledge to the offshore team.
  • The offshore team ramped up as per the agreed plan and the client was able to provide the review summaries like their competitors.
  • The technical team automated the indexing process by moving to the top the documents that had QR codes on them.
  • Retention and Increase of market share.
  • Offshoring of the review process reduced the cost of operations by 55%.
  • The summarization of records proved to be an instant success as it reduced the volume burden for the attorneys by 80%.
  • Presence of a dedicated and scalable team of offshore reviewers enabled the client to ramp up productions as required in the face of increasing demand.