Modern Power BI reports boost business performance

About the client

The client is a leading telecommunication company that creates custom technology-based network solutions for businesses of all sizes nationwide. They improve human progress through technology by connecting people, data, and applications.

Client requirement
  • The client used an on-premises system for storing operators, vendors, and customer data which was expensive and difficult to maintain.
  • The lack of a platform to monitor and track customer behavior, usage, and sentiments also made it difficult to gain valuable insights that could improve their services.
  • They needed to upgrade their system and centralize their data management to remain competitive.
  • We implemented Snowflake, created an Azure Storage account, and developed Snowpipe to move data from the Azure Storage account to Snowflake.
  • We performed tokenization, logistic regression, and TF-IDF processes before loading data into Snowflake to perform further analysis and reporting.
  • We also created APIs to fetch real-time data about their services across various sources and integrated Power BI into Snowflake to access actionable insights and generate real-time reports.
  • Scalable data architecture lowers operational costs.
  • Real-time insights improve decision-making times.
  • Power BI reports enable custom service offerings.
  • Customer, vendor, and service-based insights boost business performance.

Snowflake, Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Python