Modernize financial operations using Power BI

The client is a leading financial consulting company that has provided its customers with innovative and effective solutions for their corporate finance needs since its inception. They help businesses achieve long-term financial security through wellness solutions that help them plan, save, and invest.

Business Challenges

The client faced multiple, varied data source systems for tracking revenue and expenses (CAPEX and OPEX), which caused numerous problems in terms of accuracy and speed. In addition, data consolidation across different regions to generate gross margin figures was time-consuming; collaboration among stakeholders was challenging with their current setup. Consequently, they could not compare insights across periods and draw timely insights from their profit and loss statements—a critical deficit when the goal was a modernized financial reporting operation. The challenges can be summarized as follows:

  • Traditional financial reporting operations
  •  Disparate data sources
  • Manual data consolidation and validation
  • Lack of collaboration among stakeholders
  • Inability to generate timely, accurate insights


  1. Impactful business insights
  2. Unparalleled access to a single source of truth
  3. Role and department-based data security
  4. Less manual intervention
  5. Exponential cost savings

PreludeSys Solution

SharePoint provides a central data store, allowing users to place their Excel files and build complex Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) functions and Power Queries (at Power BI level) to clean and standardize the information. Data validation is fully automated while providing a secure platform with role-based authentication that enables users to evaluate metrics and prepare reports across any given time frame without manual intervention. The embedded Power BI report, in combination with scheduled refreshes, offers powerful insights into all aspects of business operations, granting maximum value realization at reduced costs. The solution included:

  • SharePoint Excel data store
  • Master Data Management using DAX functions and Power Queries
  • Data validation automation
  • Scheduled Power BI reports refresh rates