Build a Real Estate Portfolio with Multilingual Lease Abstraction Service

Multilingual Lease Abstraction

The customer has large property management & a strong presence across Korea, China, Spain, French, German, etc.,
The client’s lease data management is organized under their specific native languages.

Business Challenge

The client had a large amount of property lease data available across multiple languages. They wanted to abstract the lease data and translate it to other languages. As the initial step of translation, the company tried an inhouse Google translator which led to several mistakes and misinterpretation of lease languages. The lease property management company wanted to abstract leases available in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German & Spanish into English.


  • The client has received 100% accurate interpretation of the lease language
    from multi-languages.
  • With abstract & translation, the client reduced 2/3rd of country-wise lease
    management cost.
  • The genuinely translated copy, increased efficiency and business
    investment by 2 times.

PreludeSys Solution

PreludeSys used native speakers of the respective languages with understanding Lease Abstraction.
After the translation was done, “we abstracted the leases and the data was pushed into NRI Software