A leading music recording company leverages Azure SQL DB and Power BI to achieve BIG 4 status

About the client

The client is a global music giant, dominating the recorded music, music publishing, and merchandising markets. As one of the most prominent “BIG 4” record labels, they have a significant market share and a vast portfolio of subsidiaries.

Client requirement
  • The client needed a reliable data management system to accurately forecast their sales as it took considerable effort to curate, model, and interpret data from various raw and cluttered data sources.
  • They sought professional expertise to extract useful information from these datasets, transform it into meaningful insights, and load it onto a database that would improve future sales and develop business consistency.
  • PreludeSys migrated their on-premises data to Azure data warehouse, centralizing their data management and modernized their legacy intranet applications with Power Apps.  
  • We enabled faster data access to build ad hoc reports and gain actionable insights by migrating siloed datasets into a central data store.  
  • Facilitated better visualization and data analysis using Power BI, thereby improving their decision-making and operational efficiency.  
  • Integrated data from multiple sources, including Apple Music Store, Spotify, Billboard, Amazon, Shazam, Vevo, Yahoo, YouTube, Hype Machine, Vh1, Google Play, and All Music using Boomi.  
  • Improved sales by identifying emerging trends and patterns in customer behavior.  
  • Increased sales opportunities by uncovering new market segments and customer needs.  
  • Accelerated decision-making by providing real-time insights into business performance.  
  • Enhanced customer engagement by delivering interactive and personalized sales reports.  
  • Improved data quality and consistency, leading to better decision-making and more effective marketing campaigns.  
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Boomi