Leveraged Power Apps for Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding for a Nursing and Rehabilitative Services Provider

About the client

The client is a leading provider of nursing and rehabilitative services offering retirement suites, assisted, memory care, and long-term care 

Client requirement
  • The client was facing several challenges with their existing system.  
  • The current system proved inadequate in handling all the necessary functionalities required for smooth operations.  
  • The data collected could not be effectively utilized for reporting purposes, limiting the client’s ability to make data-driven decisions.  
  • There was a need to replace the existing Microsoft Forms for onboarding and off-boarding processes, as they no longer met the organization’s evolving requirements. 
  • PreludeSys developed a user-friendly canvas application to streamline the employee onboarding and off-boarding processes.  
  • This application seamlessly integrated with Azure Active Directory, enabling the retrieval and secure storage of employee data in the cloud.  
  • By leveraging the power of this canvas application, the client was able to address their data management and process automation needs effectively. 
  • The enhanced flexibility of the application allowed for the addition of crucial functionalities, ensuring that it could adapt to the evolving needs of the organization.  
  • Data management became more efficient, with the ability to access and utilize employee data stored in the cloud.  
  • Automation of processes not only saved time but also significantly increased productivity, allowing the client to achieve higher levels of efficiency in their day-to-day operations.  
  • Overall, the solutions provided by PreludeSys led to improved flexibility, streamlined data management, and enhanced productivity for the client.