Power Apps incident management process automation ensures a safe workplace

About the client

The client is a food and beverage manufacturing company and is the creative culinary force behind retail brands such as Panera and Legal Sea Foods. They run a chain of outlets across the United States of America. They are headquartered in Massachusetts, with production facilities in Texas and Oregon.

Client requirement

The client used an incident management application to capture injury and incident data across their production and safety teams. These teams use different form types to track their respective data. However, they soon realized their current incident access database had limitations, with storage and visibility issues hampering accurate metrics. As a result, they sought to replace it with a centralized web-based tool that captures injury and incident data making it easier to share with the Blount management team. The client also wanted to ensure these records were reliably secured in a data warehouse which would allow for enterprise analytics. Challenges identified:

  • The incident access database had storage limitations
  • Manual process for forms
  • Lack of enterprise analytics system

PreludeSys experts devised a simple, automated incident management process. The team analyzed the client’s needs and designed a Canvas Power Apps application that helps production and safety teams create forms based on the nature of their work and safety guidelines. With this application, users from multiple facilities can log in, select their facility and input the required information. The data is stored in a centralized SQL Server database and because of that, the incident management system now facilitates enterprise analytics. This encouraged them to track employee well-being and ensure a safe and healthy workplace. The Power Apps application securely stores all the incident reports and enables access to view, edit and delete. The solution included:

  • Incident management system built using Power Apps Canvas
  • Automated production and safety teams’ workflows
  • Data transfer between incident management application and SQL Server
  • Data readiness for interpretation and analytics purposes
  1. Power Apps automation streamlined the incident management process.
  2. Workflow automation captures massive data easily.
  3. Data warehouse configuration facilitates enterprise analytics.
  4. Empowered with data-driven recommendations.
  5. Eliminated manual intervention for filling out forms.