Automobile grading system exposes buyer patterns using Power Platform

About Client

The client is an automotive dealership specializing in buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. They cover much of the western part of the United States. The company's core business involves purchasing vehicles from local auctions and reselling them. The client maintains a large inventory of cars purchased from auctions throughout the United States.

Client Requirement
  • Dealing with used automobiles requires comprehensive assessments of the overall vehicle’s condition or grade. The client’s system failed to address this challenge.
  • Inconsistencies in data availability impeded the company’s ability to grade car deals acquired from all types of buyers, including auctions. This further impacted sales and inventory visibility since it obscured buyer patterns.
  • The client wanted to establish robust access controls and cleansing techniques to properly manage data and provide top-tier services with consistent performance metrics.
  • PreludeSys leveraged Power BI’s robust capabilities to implement a grading tool tailored to sales and inventory-specific attributes.
  • To further enhance reporting insights, we utilized Power Query for data preparation and cleansing.
  • Lastly, Power Apps integration created an easy-to-navigate interface within the report for seamless data entry.
  1. Eliminated data quality issues and simplified reporting.
  2. Provided sales and inventory views with grading insights.
  3. Visualized trends in the source (auction) where cars are purchased.
  4. The client has the write-back option to input grading data and determine logic.
  5. Power Apps simplified data entry.

Azure, Power BI, SQL database, Power Apps