Migrate Data to Prolease For Large Property Lease Administration

Migrate Data to Prolease

Our client is a huge property owner and has leased the entire property across 3 different states where all their property data were in ProLease Database.

Business Challenge

Our client had around 200 data of English leases that have to be abstracted in a short period of time. Since the client is a large property owner and had 100+ of leases data, we had to abstract the data using the Leverton (AI) Tool of MRI Software.


  • Lease abstraction was accomplished in 1/3rd of the time taken than the
    actual processes.
  • Leveraged 52% of investment by migrating the data into Prolease.
  • Improved overall resource efficiency up to 62% with migration using Leverton AI Tool.

PreludeSys Solution

With PreludeSys’ lease services, we had to overcome 2 lease abstraction processes – R1 abstraction and R2 QC of the abstraction. Post R2, we migrated the data into ProLease Database. The ProLease data fields were completely different from Leverton data fields, which was a great challenge. We completed R1 and R2 in Leverton and simultaneously we started migration of data into ProLease. As we have expertise in both
Leverton and ProLease Database we completed the task within the short deadline given by the Client.