Real-time report generated by replicating MS-SQL Database resulting in reduced delays, enhanced readiness & fostering innovation

About the client

The client is one of the largest cement manufactures with an estimated capacity of more than 20 million tons per annum. Huge amounts of data were generated from multiple sources (suppliers, factory floors, distributors, and institutional buyers) 

Client requirement

The client faced the following challenges in their Supply Chain Management. 

  • Their existing systems lacked real-time reporting capabilities, causing delays in generating critical reports and leading to missed production targets and delays in invoice generation.  
  • These delays had a cascading effect, impacting the client’s receivables and cash flow.  
  • The increased vehicle waiting times at the loading dock resulted from the delay in clearance reports, affecting the overall efficiency of their supply chain operations. 
  • PreludeSys replicated the live database, as the client needed to handle more than 5,000 write transactions per minute and manage a database of over 2TB.  
  • An on-premises database with a similar table structure was built, and replication was enabled to ensure data consistency. 
  • An Always-on availability group with replication was put in place for effective report generation.  
  • Additionally, alert systems were established to monitor synchronization frequency and integrity, proactively identifying, and resolving any issues. 
  • Improved inventory planning, with better demand forecasts made possible by the availability of live and accurate reports across the supply chain
  • More efficient resource allocation and reduced inventory holding costs 
  • Real-time data availability empowered the client to make strategic decisions with confidence, responding rapidly to changing market conditions and customer demands
  • The accuracy of delivery forecasts increased, minimizing risks, and leading to reduced waiting time at the loading dock 
  • Improvements in logistics efficiency enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs, resulting in a more streamlined and responsive supply chain operation