The client is a leading medical nutrition company helping cure patients from severe chronic illness to ailments in and around the USA

Client is a medical nutrition company offering high standard enteral formulae. Their plant-based formula is designed to improve tolerance with organic ingredients without dairy, soy, gluten, corn, or nuts. They serve thousands of patients suffering from severe, chronic diseases to less serious medical issues.

Business Challenge

Pain points faced by the client

  • Manually processing sample request orders consumed a huge time
  • Report tracking of samples at various stages was difficult
  • Existing integration into Jitterbit suffered various drawbacks

To overcome the challenges, they wanted to integrate the Salesforce CRM, McKesson system, and monthly reporting from Enterprise Data Warehouse using Azure Integration and automate the workflow to meet their specific business needs.


  1. Manually processing the CSV files with sample requests is eliminated
  2. Reports helped visualize meaningful insights in the form of graphs, tables, charts, etc.
  3. Dashboards and reports gave a 360-degree view of business and fastened the decision-making process

PreludeSys Solution

PreludeSys deployed Azure Data Factory to transfer data from Salesforce to McKesson and Power BI reports for analytics purposes. We did the following implementation:

  • Streamed sample requests and fulfillment data to Azure Synapse for analyzing and providing better insights
  • Bulk data processing are done in batches
  • Power BI reports helped track different statuses of samples delivery and delivery forecasting details