The client is one of the largest private and independent custodian firms

The client is one of the largest private and independent custodian firms committed to the evolving needs of advisors, financial institutions, businesses, and individual investors. They manage well over a million accounts and several billion dollars worth of assets.

Business Challenge

  • The client’s responsibility is to collect data for the different services and present that in a report format to their management and the affected departments.
  • These data metrics include revenues collected, call volumes handled, and financials related to the accounts.
  • The client used a manual, time consuming system with Excel spreadsheets in order to achieve the desired analytics and reports.
  • Their goal was an on-demand, automated report generator with the flexibility to allow managers and data stewards to run and publish daily ad-hoc simulations.

Technology / Enviroment

Power BI, SQL Server, MS Excel


  1. Power BI implementation automated both their analytics and reporting requirements.
  2. Integrating Power BI into their system helped generate on-demand reports.
  3. Several man-hours spent in number crunching was reduced to a few minutes.
  4. Excel sheets and manual reports were completely eliminated.
  5. Business-specific metrics and built-in dynamic reports gave the management full visibility into every business entity.

PreludeSys Solution

  • The expert team at PreudeSys analyzed their requirements and proposed a Power BI Analytics solution for their complete data collection, management, mining, and reporting needs.
  • Power BI was recommended for its ability to generate on-demand, visually immersive, and interactive reports.
  • Power BI software was integrated into all their systems, including SQL server and third-party tools using APIs; reports were customized with business-specific metrics.
  • Integration and customization of Power BI enabled the client to generate on-demand reports dynamically and to retire their manual reports.
  • Because of the Power BI implementation reports that had previously taken several man-hours to prepare were reduced to a few of hours of data extraction and reporting.