The client is the world leader in music-based entertainment pioneering in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and more across 60 countries

Client is the world’s largest music content company with market-leading positions in recorded music, music publishing, and merchandising. With the global presence, they are the largest “BIG 4” recording company with a leading market share and numerous subsidiaries.

Business Challenge

The client faced problems forecasting their monthly sales records as it was difficult to curate and model data from various sources. Moreover, the records/data were raw and cluttered that made fetching accurate information at the right time difficult. So they required professionals who can analyze the inaccurate data, extract, transform, and load them as comprehensible datasets that could help them streamline sales performance.


  1. Data extraction and curation from disparate data sources are now accurate, consistent and organized
  2. Discovery of sales patterns from large sets of data is made easy
  3. Business and operational-level decisions are made instantaneous
  4. The new analytics and reporting platform helped publish reports securely
  5. Interactive reports and immersive dashboards created a unified user experience
  6. Overall data quality is improved and secured

PreludeSys Solution

  • PreludeSys, an industry leader in offering strategic analytics solutions, analyzed the client’s requirements and proposed the best-fit data analytics and reporting solution.
  • Well-trained professionals from PreludeSys helped collect records from various sources such as Apple iTunes music store, Spotify, Billboard, Amazon, Shazam, Vevo, Yahoo, YouTube, Hype Machine, Vh1, Google Play, and All Music.
  • Leveraging the data analytics and reporting platform, we cleansed, transformed, mined, and regressed the data from unstructured systems into easily understandable and consumable visualizations.