A Leading US Restoration firm enhanced their Productivity by leveraging MuleSoft’s Data Integration Process

About the client

American Technologies Inc. is the nation’s largest family-owned and operated restoration contractor. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, they specializes in restoration, environmental and reconstruction services following natural and man-made disasters with an unwavering commitment to customer service. The company operates out of 20 branch offices nationwide with over 1200 employees.

Client requirement

Our client faced the following challenges:

  • Field agents are manually assigned jobs using Xactware, which affected productivity.
  • Manual Data extraction created lot of delays and frustrations with the workforce.
  • Agent assignment required automation.

Our experts did a thorough assessment of the client’s technical environment. Armed with all the information, the PreludeSys team decided to use MuleSoft’s data integration to integrate Jobs and Assignments in Salesforce with Xactware. We implemented the following activities:

  • Created a single job creation module by Xactware integrations with MuleSoft.
  • Utilized API-led connectivity for real-time integration and Change capture to optimize data volume and performance.
  • Once all integrations were completed, redundant tools and process duplications were identified and decommissioned.
  • Enabled business automation and eliminated manual process for Xact assignments
  • Decommissioned existing content management system
  • Reuse – single job creation module for Xactware & Google drive integrations

Xactware, MuleSoft.