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Your cloud assessment requires great tools and expertise to arrive at a solution that addresses your business needs more efficiently. Whether your organization requires a cloud movement plan or use the dynamic infrastructure to optimize operational costs, our consulting experts can formulate the roadmap that aligns best with your business objectives.

During this process, we run your applications and workloads through our cloud assessment checklist to verify the integrity of your environment and how it’s responding to various stressors. From a wide array of cloud computing strategies, we’ll get you covered for the service/solution you require.

What we do in assessment?

  • Talk to business stakeholders to identify strategic vision
  • Gather data points to detail which servers can be migrated immediately. and which can stay on-premises
  • Summarize complex applications and components
  • Outline cloud recommendations
  • Prepare an ROI analysis.

What will you receive in cloud assessment?

  • Cloud recommendations based on experience and data points gathered during assessment
  • ROI and cloud adoption recommendations for Tier 1 business applications
  • ROI and cloud adoption recommendations for Tier 2 business applications
  • Cloud adoption roadmap, timeline, and schedule
  • Recommendations on SaaS requirements.

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