Seamless Integration, Powerful Analytics: Elevate Your Business with Data Warehouse

Businesses scale and accumulate massive troves of data daily from various sources, such as business applications, point-of-sale systems, relational databases, and more. However, businesses need to process these data for reporting and analytics. Azure data warehouse can store large volumes of structured data (Excel sheets, database tables) and unstructured data (webpages, XML files), which can be used for data mining, data visualization, and business intelligence reporting.

PreludeSys’s data specialists can build an Azure data warehouse for your business and provide unified access to the wealth of historical and current data for analysis and reporting purposes.

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Data warehouse services

Data quality

Improve and maintain data quality by cleansing while importing it into the warehouse.

Data aggregation

Collect and present data in a summarized format for statistical analysis and management reporting.

Azure Synapse

Build a complete analytics solution by combining enterprise data warehouse and big data analytics.

Azure Databricks

Build a lakehouse that comes fully packed with the advantages of both data warehouse and data lake.


Securely acquire and maintain third-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services on Snowflake.

Data Mart

Summarize and present the organization’s critical business unit information in a data mart.

Benefits to customers

  • Seamless self-service capabilities for business users.
  • More secure data and better disaster recovery.
  • Minimal total cost of ownership and increased storage.
  • Cloud elasticity, scalability, and agility.