Cloud-first strategy is the new normal to take your business to new heights

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Azure cloud migration, the smart way to better business! Harness automation. Optimize operations. Enable business apps to auto-scale.

Are you still running your applications on the legacy systems?
Organizations want to change how they run their businesses now –pivot IT operations, innovate, and ensure workforce safety, to adapt to rapidly changing situations. Azure cloud migration is the most opted approach to meet the ever-expanding needs of businesses while delivering tangible benefits.

Don’t you think it’s time to decommission your on-premises infrastructure?

Your business may encounter new challenges every day, and to ensure business continuity and resilience, you should migrate all your workloads and business applications to the Azure cloud. The reason being, Microsoft Azure enables computing, storage, analytics, database, mobility solutions, etc., everything with the highest level of security.

Do you know that Azure is 93% more energy efficient than your traditional data centers?

PreludeSys workload/application migration provides a graduated approach to fine-tune the migration journey, segregating into pilot and production phases.

Key steps in the pilot phase

  • Define success criteria
  • Execute pilot batch migration
  • Complete testing and validation
  • Enable infrastructure-as-a-code for automated infra provisioning
  • Establish pilot sign-off criteria with migration sequence and schedule
  • Benchmark functionality and performance with the migrated apps.

Production migration phase covers

  • Perform pre-migration check and delta sync
  • Carry out performance and functionality tests
  • Coordinate application cutover with Apps team
  • Validate post-migration test cases
  • Perform acceptance testing and sign-off
  • Monitor and report migration progress
  • Deliver hyper care support.

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