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Expert data analytics, futuristic intelligence, and visualization services

Microsoft Power BI for innovative business intelligence and data analytics services

Microsoft Power BI cloud can give you a single view of your critical data and monitor your business’s health using rich dashboards and value-generating reports. While Power BI speeds up information analysis and performance evaluation, we at PreludeSys leverage it to help companies

  • Flag potential problems
  • Increase operations efficiency
  • Find new revenue streams
  • Identify areas of future growth

Maximize ROI with real-time Insights!

Connect, transform, model, visualize, and share insights – All in one platform

Digital technologies dramatically reshape many businesses helping them pursue an end-to-end solution that delivers real value to their customers. Data is required across areas to work together more effectively, to improve operational efficiency, and maximize business productivity and ROI

At PreludeSys, we help unlock the value of that data with our advanced analytics and interactive visualization services enabling you to

  • Personalize business models
  • Predict and shape future outcomes
  • Back up decisions with verifiable data
  • Empower employees to do high-value work

We can help you get the most out of your data with features like analytics intelligence, interactive visualizations, and detailed reporting.

Conquer opportunities with effective data management

Drive digital transformation through effective data management and governance approach

Data governance supports enterprise data management considering the organizational structure with specific policies and procedures.

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Data Governance and Data Analytics Solutions
Achieve advanced analytics – Make your data work for you

An expert data analytics solution

Uncover real-time insights for innovative business decisions

Data analytics services help businesses monitor key performance indicators in real-time and determine metrics that drive more opportunities and success. Simply put, it’s the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful data…

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Power BI data visualization empowers your business decisions

Upgrade to a scalable, agile platform – Power BI to see results upfront

Leveraging the Power BI software suite can help you visualize any enterprise and self-service BI data. In comparison, the intelligent tool enables you to process data…

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Transform for a better tomorrow

Value Proposition

Insights to actions

Transform insights into real-time reports and take actions on the data using up-to-the-minute analytics

Custom reports and dashboards

Customize reports and dashboards with business-critical metrics and KPIs

Improve efficiency and Maximize ROI

Save 70% of development time with instant reports and boost process efficiency by 15%. Proven ROI in less than 3 months

Anywhere access to insights

Create easily shareable analytics, reports, and dashboards accessible on the cloud, desktop, and mobile devices

User-driven innovation

BI in everyone’s hand. Get rapid, user-driven innovation with self-service BI capabilities

AI-infused Power BI

Spot data patterns and track trends to drive strategic actions on the move with inbuilt AI and ML capabilities

Integration and data interoperability

Seamlessly Integrate Power BI into any on-premises or cloud systems and allow easy flow of data

Unparalleled Excel integration

Combine Excel with Power BI. Analyze data as quickly consumable reports and interactive dashboards


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