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Data Annotation Services

Data Annotation, the smart way to better business! Harness the power of data to make business decisions on-the-go

Enterprises generate more and more data every day that can be used to understand customers and businesses better when transformed into actionable insights. Data annotation is gaining traction due to the exponential rise in the volume of data sets. Efficient data annotation enables organizations to

  • Make well-informed decisions
  • Deliver quality products/services
  • Improve business outcomes

Annotation process

On-demand workforce with deep expertise across various complex documents and data formats to solve your data labeling needs

Our qualified global annotators strive to offer a world-class annotation service across healthcare, finance, pharmaceutical, etc. industries.

We do the following in the manuscripts but not limited to

  • Include/remove highlights, underlines
  • Include comments, footnotes, tags, links, etc.

General Text Annotation

Solve complex data challenges at ease

We provide text annotation and labeling services to enable organizations to unlock critical information from their unstructured text.

With several years of experience in helping many leading manufacturing, finance, and real estate clients, we can handle text annotation projects of any scale. In addition, our highly qualified team can work on different text annotation services like sentiment analysis, entity recognition, intent analysis, etc.

Text Annotation

Medical Text Annotation

Unlock critical information from unstructured data
Medical Text Annotation

Do you know that 80% of healthcare data is unstructured and cannot be consumed as-is? Manual intervention is needed to unlock the true potential of data from complex

  • Medical records like doctor’s notes, lab reports, discharge summaries, etc.,
  • Pharma documents like new drug approvals, different drug labels, etc.
  • Medical literature like medical journals, medical textbooks, etc.

and translate it to make more informed organizational decisions.

Understanding vocabularies and ontologies in the healthcare domain requires medical SMEs and expert curators like us to label and annotate your medical data and extract insights that drive better patient care, drug administration, drug discoveries, etc.

General Image Annotation

Pixel perfect annotation

Our expert team of curators annotates images manually or using various techniques like pixel-wise segmentation, polygons, image classification, 3D cuboids, semantic segmentation, etc., and create training data sets for machine learning models. Together with our human annotators, you can enhance your AI engine and increase the efficiency of automating repetitive tasks that can encounter errors. We

General Image Annotation

Medical Image Annotation

Deliver insights from information on hand
Medical Image Annotation

We understand how critical medical imagery such as CT Scans, MRIs, X-Rays are for detecting tumors and studying anomalies. Medical image annotation helps capture data that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our highly-trained healthcare specialists have intensive industry experience and complete mastery over manually labeling images and using high-end image classification technology to help build your training models.

  • CT Scans, MRIs, X-Rays and other imagery test reports can be used to figure out various ailments
  • AI algorithms detect patterns and correlate the same with medical imaging data to identify possible diseases and prepare reports after analysis

Why PreludeSys for data annotation?

Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, we continuously work to meet your requirements, delivering best-in-class data annotation services at affordable pricing. Excellence is our prime focus.

End-to-end Data Security
End-to-end Data Security

Maintain data security and confidentiality at each level with stringent policies to ensure HIPAA compliance

Quick Turn Around Time
Quick Turn Around Time

Our 100+ dedicated specialists with expertise in manual and AI tool-based annotation deliver quality outputs in a limited timeframe

Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing

Affordable services and flexible pricing structure enables you to gain utmost satisfaction and maximum benefits

Quality and Accuracy
Quality and Accuracy

Multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data to offer best-in-class quality and highest accuracy to our clients
Our healthcare SMEs with 15+ years of experience in efficiently handling medical records help annotate and label your sensitive data securely

Medical Information
Medical Information

Quickly identify diseases, drugs, medical devices, and other medical texts in medical records, pharma documents, or medical literature

Entity Relationship

Easily identify relationships between entities in documents, such as between drugs and diseases, drugs and prescribers, etc.

Drug Database
Drug Database

Extract drug-related information like product, NDC, labeler, trade package size, etc. as per the needs of pharmaceutical companies

Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records

Research EHR and extract important information from patient’s medical records, medical images, and other critical data

Success Stories

A medical records discovery company leverages PreludeSys’ domain knowledge and expertise in medical records review.

A leading health and disability examination services provider in the nation leverages PreludeSys’ Records Indexing Capabilities

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