Break Down Data Silos: Seamless Integration for Business Growth

Organizations that seek to harness data are reducing their on-premise footprint and prioritizing data migration and integration processes using lift-and-shift strategy—an important aspect of data engineering services. Azure Integration Services can orchestrate, refine, and operationalize data that you can use for further analysis and reporting. Our skilled integration specialists can move data from your data center to the Azure platform and solve complex integration challenges using Azure Data Factory (ADF).

We deliver tailored solutions across consulting, implementation, or managed services for data integration based on your data landscape and business requirements.

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Data integration services

Data migration

Migrate data from legacy databases to Azure cloud using pre-built or custom connectors.


Consolidate heterogeneous data from disparate sources into a dynamic warehouse and render them.

Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Orchestrate data transformation from various sources with zero code using Azure Data Factory(ADF).

SQL Server integration

Integrate data from SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) into Azure Data Factory (ADF).

Custom data integration

Tailor data integration solutions that scale to fit growing demands as your company matures.

Azure Databricks

Seamlessly integrate data into Azure data stores and services using Azure Databricks.

Benefits to customers

  • Real-time business insights, analytics, and intelligence
  • Seamless knowledge transfer between systems
  • Data accuracy by validating incoming information
  • Different data points connection identifies new opportunities