Data Legacy, Transformed: Modernize with Custom Migration Service

Due to endless data challenges, organizations realize that the cloud is the best destination for their business and are swamping the cloud infrastructure. Cloud migration, an important component of data engineering, is powering across-the-board transformation to achieve superior business goals. Azure Data Migration provides a range of tools and services to simplify, automate, and guide your data migration.

We are experts in tailored solutions across consulting, implementation, or managed services for data migration based on your business and data requirements.

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Data migration services

Database migration

Swift database and server objects migration (including SSIS packages) providing reliable outcomes with near-zero downtime.

Asset clearance

Decommission/dispose of unwanted/unused assets through data cleansing, mapping, and transformation cycles.

Post-migration check

Post successful migration, check the workloads are properly configured, sized, and deployed to production.

Migration success partner

Prepare the workload and environment to support the workload’s ongoing production usage.

Pre-built accelerators

Pre-built accelerators to convert SSIS to ADF, SSRS to Power BI, and Tableau to Power BI migration assessment accelerator.

Benefits to customers

  • Leaner, profound, and agile process
  • Standard, single source of truth
  • Scaling business as data matures
  • Ability to utilize advanced analytics