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The Need for Data Platform Transformation

An end-to-end synced data integration and transformation workflows are what organizations need to build a mature and sustained analytics practice.

Businesses constantly gather an enormous amount of data, but they are often unprepared to meet the diversity and volume of the data. Data transformation enables organizations to transform and format complex structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data from multiple sources that will allow the data to be explored in many ways. Once transformed from raw data to analytics-ready data models, it becomes easy to generate reports and insights, for example, to quantify their performance and suggest operational improvements.

Pain points addressed
by Data platform

PreludeSys is a Microsoft Gold Partner that seamlessly addresses the customer pain points through our extensive Data platform transformation solutions.

  • Determine the root cause of slow data processing
  • Expose inadequate monitoring tools
  • Siloed data structure
  • Scalability issues due to on-premises setup

Achieve these business goals with data platform transformation

  • Augment data team’s productivity

    Reduce the burden on engineering teams and enable faster data reporting.

  • Minimize latency and time to analysis

    Faster analysis of data helps to identify new signs of progress and make timely actions.

  • Foster data-driven culture

    Generate reliable data for different teams and make data-backed decisions.

  • Single source of truth

    Gather all ecosystems on cloud and on-premises under one roof.

  • Tightened data security

    High-end security framework ensures protection, authorization, and authentication of the data.

Why choose PreludeSys for Data Platform Transformation?

PreludeSys offers extensive data platform transformation solutions which cater to the specific business needs of every organization.

Unlike the traditional ETL architecture, we deploy an ELT workflow that transforms raw data into analysis-ready information after it is loaded. In addition, transformation using universal relational database languages makes the data accessible and perceivable across all the business functions of an organization.

Our roadmap to implement successful
data platform transformation

  • Integration

    Combine data from multiple
    sources to build the big

  • Central Data Store

    Access data anytime from
    this central repository

  • Analytics

    Make major business
    decisions with KPIs and

  • Data Visualization

    Generate rich dashboards and reports for insight-driven business decisions.

Business benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Scalable
  • Quick
    turnaround of
  • 24/7 access
    to data
  • Real-time

The Microsoft Privilege

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we harness the best set of tools and services to carry out the following processes to transform raw data seamlessly.

Azure Data Factory

Cloud-based integration service
  • Create and schedule pipelines
  • Monitor pipelines without developing any code
  • Ingest data from various sources
  • Connect to multiple business applications

Azure Databricks

Unified data analytics platform
  • Gather and maintain data of any structure and size
  • Manage Machine Learning runtime and flow
  • Allow a collaborative workspace for different teams
  • Ensure the security of data
  • Enable access to required information

Azure Synapse

Analytics services
  • Bring together data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics
  • Process, manage, and serve data as needed
  • Gather insights from log and telemetry analytics
  • Implement Azure Data Lake and Power BI
  • Handle and query any amount of data

Data Catalog

Cloud repository
  • Discover, verify, locate, and utilize datasets
  • Share data sources as needed
  • Add metadata: tags, descriptions, processes for requesting access, or documentation
  • Enhance data efficiency, data context, and data analysis

Azure Data Explorer

Data analytics service
  • Gather, maintain, and analyze data from various sources
  • Faster insertion of data
  • Meet increased workloads
  • Automatically synchronize servers
  • Automatically add and remove servers based on the workload

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