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Deduplication Process – An approach for duplicate-free medical records

24 January 2023

Independent Medical Evaluators (IME), who review the medical records and charge per page, typically end up reviewing duplicate records. The presence of duplicate medical records, therefore, results in redundant work for IMEs. In addition to redundancy, duplicates increase the cost for Insurance Companies to review medical records. The measures taken to alleviate the adverse effects of duplicate records are often in vain as the number of such duplicates in medical records can exceed the bandwidth of the IME. It is estimated that medical records on average, can have as much as 30% duplication.

Managing duplicates in Independent Medical Evaluation typically takes hours, if not days, of manual work. Removing duplicate records is essential to ensure IMEs save time—not screening the same page multiple times. Unfortunately, this time-consuming task leads to wasted resources as well. A robust and fool proof de-duplication process will help you improve operational efficiency and optimize the cost of Medical Records Management.

Medical Records Deduplication

Medical records de-duplication leverages technology to identify and remove duplicate and invalid pages from a client’s medical record. Once the duplicates are eliminated, and the medical records are clutter-free, the independent medical evaluator reviews the records and provides a crisp and comprehensive review report to the clients. 

Process of De-duplication

Our de-duplication process is a hybrid, highly efficient process that involves experienced reviewers leveraging technologies like AI/ML to sift through the medical records and meticulously identify and weed out duplicate reports, other patients’ records, and redundant pages. The tagging of duplicates, subsequent sorting, and removal of duplicate pages are done through a custom-built application bolstered by the experience of seasoned reviewers from PreludeSys. Our hybrid model accommodates manual and automated systems that complement each other and bring the best out of both to deliver maximum accuracy quickly. Our process ensures 100 percent integrity of the records with multiple levels of verification and quality control. In addition to removing duplicate reports, we index the medical records under various categories in chronological order and provide summaries for the insurance companies and IMEs to quickly refer to as needed.

We index the records into various categories as per the client’s requirements as follows:

● First report of injury

● Medical report

● Non-medical personnel and others

● Utilization review

● Miscellaneous

● Duplicate

● Other patients report

The above categories help the attorneys and the concerned parties to comprehend the medical reports as appropriately.Our competitive edge is our customized solution for each client’s unique requirements.


Our de-duplication process saves IMEs and insurance companies valuable time and increases operational efficiency by eliminating redundant tasks and increasing case-handling capacity. It also helps them with a review and equips them for legal proceedings and insurance claims. Rather than juggling multiple unorganized records to verify their authenticity, we pre-organize them in a meaningful way. 

PreludeSys has over two decades of experience managing medical records. Our services improve customer experiences by providing better outputs devoid of duplicates. We save IMEs hours of processing time by identifying and isolating duplicate pages across the entire case file.

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