How to Automate your Business process with Jitterbit Harmony API Integration Platform

4 September 2020

Business process automation is not just about streamlining processes; it is an approach that can enable companies to innovate better and create new revenue opportunities. API provides controlled access to a defined scope of data, and it can be a valuable tool and a key to business process automation. According to a study, which had 350 API enthusiasts across 27 different industries, 55% told that API integration is ‘critical’ to their business strategy. An API Integration Platform is necessary for meeting the modern integration needs with modern cloud APIs. When it comes to API integration, it can be either simplifying your existing APIs or creating new ones. Having an API integration platform in place can surely assure you how to integrate with new technologies as they evolve. Harmony API integration platform can enable you to create, run, secure, manage, and analyze all your APIs in a single cloud platform.

What is the Harmony API integration Platform?

Organizations of today are transforming with integrated processes that connect thousands of endpoints. The leading integration solution provider, Jitterbit, delivers powerful integration services through a multi-tenant cloud integration platform called ‘Jitterbit Harmony.’ Harmony is designed to manage the integration lifecycle to rapidly connect and manage the burst of application endpoints together with legacy on-premise technologies, and the Harmony Cloud architecture delivers the fastest performance, global scale, and innovative social user network on the market.

How can the Harmony API Integration Platform help you?

Efficiently connect and boost the value of applications

Harmony API Integration Platform can enable us to connect all applications efficiently and enhance their value for the business. It enables us with complete integration of lifecycle management with a full suite of enterprise connectors. Harmony API integration has a visual studio (intuitive graphical interface) through which any technical or non- technical person can easily design innovative processes that connect multiple endpoints, devices, and partners.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choosing how to deploy your integration is another important factor and harmony has harnessed it to perfection. Since it is a unified subscription-based platform that allows you to run integrations across three deployment options seamlessly – Public cloud, Private cloud, or On-premise. With Jitterbit Harmony’s elastic agent network scales, flexible deployment options, and a non-complex migration, you can meet the real-time integration requirements rapidly.

Control and Govern the Integration

During the integration process, there’s a need to manage a wide range of applications and thousands of endpoints. To ensure integration success, the need for effective and new ways to govern the environment becomes critical. Harmony API integration has a Harmony web console in place that can offer cloud management access from anywhere and through any device. It enables us with a complete API Lifecycle Management from any device and security control and user authentication.

Information Security

Jitterbit Harmony takes care of the information security by applying an information security framework (hybrid model) based on NIST, CIS, CSA, and CERT recommendations. Jitterbit has been certified to meet the requirements of HIPAA, SOC1 and SOC2 Type 2 compliance, ISO 27001:2013 with supplemental controls for 27017, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), European Union – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Jitterbit has received Privacy Shield certification, complying with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Why Jitterbit Harmony API integration Platform?

Jitterbit is the leading provider of fast and agile integration solutions for modern enterprises. Their Harmony Integration Cloud Platform unifies ten years of integration innovation and expertise into a single cloud platform designed for modern enterprises’ real-life requirements.

Amplify your technology investment with this Next-generation integration cloud platform that offers the fastest way to connect the modern enterprise, including Cloud, ERP, analytics, and mobile apps.

If you would like to have the Harmony API integration platform in place for your integration success or like to explore more about Jitterbit Harmony, Talk to us! We can help you turn your Enterprise Integration challenges into real-time opportunities.

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