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Lease Management Services

As your business evolves, you may face challenges in keeping track of your rent payments, critical lease dates, negotiations, and accounting compliance, which consume your time and resources. Proper lease management services helps you build a solid real-estate portfolio, mitigate risks, and optimize your real-estate spending to maximize your savings.

PreludeSys has over two decades of experience in managing leases for real estate businesses and is committed to adding value to your businesses through lease portfolio management, process implementation, lease audits, compliance, and asset-level reporting for leases.

PreludeSys offers lease management services that align with evolving lease standards at nominal costs and a quick turnaround time with exceptional accuracy.

Lease Abstraction

Abstracting lengthy and broad-scope leases quickly and maintaining the lease portfolio is a challenge for property management companies. PreludeSys’ lease abstraction services offer a cost-effective, quality-focused approach to lease abstraction and follow new lease standards.

We cater to the client’s specific needs and provide solutions via abstraction templates or through other formats such as XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Word.

Our Lease abstraction services covers

  • Handle large-scale complex and lengthy lease agreements.
  • Ensure authenticity across all the data points gathered.
  • Abstract lease details across a range of native languages.
  • Abstract, cross-verify, scan, organize and bookmark your lease documents.
  • Deliver abstracts in multiple formats with easy integration across client databases.

Lease Administration

Lease administration can be a time-consuming and challenging process where in the management of lease contracts, rental payments, and maintenance of property records can be overwhelming, particularly for those with large portfolios. We provide end-to-end lease administration services that enable property owners, REITs, and property managers to manage their portfolios more effectively.

At PreludeSys, we offer customized solutions, ensuring that all aspects of the lease administration services are handled seamlessly.

Our CAM reconciliation services covers

  • Critical Date Management
  • Renewal Management
  • Lease Audits
  • Lease Database Management
  • CAM Reconciliation & CAM Audit
  • Security Deposit Management
  • Move in & move out management
  • Lease Accounting (AR, AP, GL Etc.)
  • CAM Pool Set up (Kardin, Yardi Etc.)
  • Lease Abstraction & Data Migration
  • Lease Abstraction & Data Migration
  • CAM Pool Set up (Kardin, Yardi Etc.)
  • Lease Renewal and Termination Support

CAM Reconciliation

Common Area Maintenance costs can be a significant expense and it is essential to reconcile these costs regularly to ensure that both the landlords and tenants pay their fair share. Our CAM Reconciliation Services are designed to help you keep these costs under control and ensure that you only pay for what you need.

As a landlord we can help you recover your expenses for operating and maintaining the common areas of the property. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to ensure that all expenses are properly documented, allocated, and reconciled.

Our benefits

  • Our Service covers.
  • Invoice generation.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • CAM fees validation.
  • Advanced technology and domain expertise.
  • Accurate allocation
    of expenses.
  • Analysis and documentation of expenses.
  • Estimation of accurate
    pro-rata share.
  • Transparency and trust throughout the CAM Reconciliation process.

Lease Audit

We help companies optimize their real estate spending to reduce unnecessary overhead and save real estate costs.

As part of our lease audit services, we examine your lease agreements’ financial clauses relevant to your property owner’s billing. This guarantees that what you pay conforms to your lease’s terms and industry norms. For real estate companies that deal with a vast portfolio of assets, it is necessary to maintain lease data that is accurate and reliable. Frequent lease audits ensure that your financial and non-financial lease data are up to date and comply with the most recent amendments and negotiations.

Our lease experts have extensive knowledge of the commercial leasing process and will help you implement best practices to streamline your lease management services.

Our Lease audit services covers

  • Reduced operational overhead.
  • Detailed risk analysis.
  • Improved financial status.
  • Maximized ROI.

CAM Audit

For tenants, CAM audits are essential in ensuring that property expenses are calculated and paid fairly. As tenants, it can help you ensure that you’re not overcharged. By reviewing the financial records and invoices, our auditors can help you identify any discrepancies in how the expenses are allocated and ensure that they align with the industry standards.

At PreludeSys, we also review the existing processes and procedures for managing your CAM expenses.

Our CAM auditing services come with a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased transparency:
    Expenses related to the maintenance of common areas are accounted accurately.
  • Cost savings:
    Improvement in the CAM process reduce expenses while maintaining the quality of service.
  • Improved tenant satisfaction:
    Fosters good tenant-landlord relationships.

Lease Accounting Services

PreludeSys offers comprehensive lease accounting services that help you meet your compliance obligations and improve your financial operations.

Our team of experts are well versed in the lease accounting standards outlined by the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and IASB (International Accounting Standards Board). We work closely with our clients to ensure they accurately capture, record, and report their lease transactions. We offer end-to-end comprehensive suite of services, including Accounts Payable Service, Supplier Reconciliation, Payment Process, Order to Cash, and Record to Report services.

Usage of our lease accounting services result in:

  • Cost Savings:
    You can save money on paying full-time accountants and other overhead expenses.
  • Timely Delivery:
    Quick turn around time while complying with all the lease accounting standards
  • Time Zone Advantages & Remote Working Teams:
    Our remote team are flexible and can work on your accounting needs based on your time zone.
  • Process Efficiency:
    Our team works diligently to improve your process efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Lease Translation & Abstraction

We provide top-notch multilingual lease translation services to property managers to help them manage their reputation and reduce costs. Our in-house team of native language speakers and translators ensures the timely and efficient translation of documents in over 25 languages.

One of the key benefits of working with us is we have highly experienced native speakers who specialize in translating these lease agreements. We ensure your lease agreements are accurately translated and abstracted with data consistency across multiple languages.

Our lease translation services also provide flexible and tiered pricing options to cater to different language groups. We classify the languages into three tiers based on the level of expertise.


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