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Lease Administration Service

As your business evolves, you may face challenges in keeping track of your rent payments, critical lease dates, negotiations, and accounting compliance, which consume your time and resources. Proper lease management helps you build a solid real-estate portfolio, mitigate risks, and optimize your real-estate spending to maximize your savings.

PreludeSys has over two decades of experience in managing leases for real estate businesses and is committed to adding value to your businesses through lease portfolio management, process implementation, lease audits, compliance, and asset-level reporting for leases.

PreludeSys offers lease administration services that align with evolving lease standards at nominal costs and a quick turnaround time with exceptional accuracy.

  • Lease Abstraction
  • CAM Reconciliation
  • Lease Audit
  • Lease Validation
  • Portfolio Management

Lease Abstraction

Abstracting lengthy and broad-scope leases quickly and maintaining the lease portfolio is a challenge for property management companies. PreludeSys’ lease abstraction services offer a cost-effective, quality-focused approach to lease abstraction and follow new lease standards.

We cater to the client’s specific needs and provide solutions via abstraction templates or through other formats such as XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Word. PreludeSys has over two decades of experience in real estate management and equipment leases. Our team has abstracted thousands of leases, and we have the capability to abstract leases in over 50 languages.

Our Lease abstraction services covers

  • Handle large-scale complex and lengthy lease agreements
  • Abstract lease details across a range of native languages
  • Ensure authenticity across all the data points gathered
  • Deliver abstracts in multiple formats with easy integration across client databases
  • Abstract, cross-verify, scan, organize and bookmark your lease documents

In addition, we can translate some rare and difficult to abstract and translate languages such as Hebrew, Mandarin, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean with the help of native speakers.

PreludeSys offers commercial lease abstraction services with flexible data abstraction models and stringent quality checks to meet the requirements of new real estate standards.

CAM Reconciliation

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) is a significant activity in Lease Administration. Property owners collect CAM fees from tenants to cover the direct expenses towards common areas. Lease administrators face challenges in sorting and managing high volumes of lease agreements and providing year-end CAM reconciliation calculations in a short timeframe.

PreludeSys offers extensive CAM reconciliation services to property owners and property management companies that eliminate the CAM reconciliation complexities. We offer timely and accurate CAM reconciliation based on the client-provided reconciliation spreadsheet, GL expenses, lease documents, and other financial documents. In addition, we capture discrepancies in the past reconciliation spreadsheet and lease documents using AI/ML to help you overcome them.

Our CAM reconciliation services covers

  • Estimation of accurate pro-rata share
  • Analysis and documentation of expenses
  • CAM fees
  • Invoice

The benefits of our CAM services

  • Complete year-end reconciliation calculation
  • Better recovery ratios
  • Quick response time to tenant claims
  • Facilitate access to all the data to answer tenant queries
  • Improve tenant relationships
  • Reduce receivables recovery time

Lease Audit

For any business, real estate costs occupy a significant share of its operating expenses and significantly affect its performance. Companies tend to overlook the extent of real estate costs for two primary reasons. First, it is perceived as an essential expense, and second, businesses are too focused on their core business activities to optimize their real estate spending. Lease audit services from PreludeSys help companies optimize their real estate spending to reduce unnecessary overhead and save real estate costs.

As part of our lease audit services, we examine your lease agreements’ financial clauses relevant to your property owner’s billing. This guarantees that what you pay conforms to your lease’s terms and industry norms.

For real estate companies that deal with a vast portfolio of assets, it is necessary to maintain lease data that is accurate and reliable. Frequent lease audits ensure that your financial and non-financial lease data are up to date and comply with the most recent amendments and negotiations. Lease audit services for real estate companies from PreludeSys raises the profitability of your lease portfolio.

Our lease experts have extensive knowledge of the commercial leasing process and will help you implement best practices to streamline your lease management.

The benefits of our Lease audit services

  • Reduced operational overhead
  • Detailed risk
  • Improved
    financial status
  • Maximized

Lease Validation

PreludeSys offers lease validation and Quality Assurance services that validate the existing lease abstracts for real estate companies before venturing into critical projects such as commercial real estate acquisition, budgeting, or forecasting.

Our lease validation services include scanning, verifying, organizing, and bookmarking lease documents based on your specific requirements. We subject lease documents to a detailed verification process to validate the accuracy of financial, business, and legal information relevant to tenants, landlords, and investors. To ensure 100% accuracy, we crosscheck all lease documents and amendments with the provided scope documents.

We guarantee

  • Accuracy
  • Credibility
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Cost-efficiency

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management primarily involves managing an array of properties and investments in real estate. It includes making investment decisions, allocating assets, and balancing risks against real estate market performance.

PreludeSys is a seasoned leasing services provider that has and continues to operate in this space for over two decades. Our extensive experience managing portfolios for large real estate companies has helped us optimize our portfolio management services by leveraging technology to give you maximum returns.

We offer the following:

  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Develop model allocations
  • Portfolio risk assessment
  • Monitoring and rebalancing
  • SWOT analysis for your assets

We believe that any actively managed portfolio should outperform a passive portfolio in terms of returns

Major Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and property owners collaborate with PreludeSys to manage their portfolios and maximize their ROIs. Partner with us to improve your portfolio fitness and make strategic real estate decisions.

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