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Comparison of Outsourcing Medical Record Review Services with In-House Reviewing

20 May 2021

Medical record review outsourcing involves delegating the task of reviewing and analyzing medical records to external entities. It offers benefits such as increased efficiency, specialized expertise, cost savings, and improved accuracy.

Medical records represent a systematic set of medical history and care for a single patient. The number of records may vary from individuals, depending on their medical treatment and the frequency of their consultations. Medical records include hospital visits, general physician visits, diagnosis, intervention, treatment summary, medication, and release summary.

The medical records review and analysis is the process of evaluating one’s medical care. For an attorney or a paralegal team to understand the medical history of an individual is irrational. This medical records review is vital for an attorney to prepare for the class action, medical negligence/liability, and personal injury trials.

Looking for cost-effective ways to obtain accurate medical records review? You just landed in the right place!

“Medical records review is imperative for attorneys for pre-trial preparations.”

A law firm may choose to examine medical records either by an in-house team or outsource the task. Most lawyers find it difficult to assess medical history and to opt for outsourcing the service, and here’s why?


The paralegal and other resources associated with the law firm do not have the innate knowledge to understand the comprehensive medical records, standard medical practices, and medical terminology. An expert team is highly skilled:

  • Expertise with multiple cases of similar type
  • Familiarity with medical terms
  • Can summarize medical records

Medical Case Chronology

Medical case chronology is a powerful tool that gives accurate medical encounters from admission to discharge. Medical chronology is imperative in medical litigation.

  • Summarize medical records in chronological order
  • Extract essential pieces of information-date, time, and care
  • History focused on periods of care and
  • Tool for trial preparation.


“Time is of the essence.”

Reviewing medical records isn’t a routine job- it’s a technique. You can have an in-house team, and training the team takes time which the lawyer doesn’t have. An unskilled team grapples with handling voluminous medical records at once. Instead, an outsourcing team can

  • Speed up the process
  • Save time and
  • Build your case quicker.


An in-house medical records review team is expensive to hire, train and manage. They cost more time and money compared to an independent medical records review service. Outsourcing to an experienced team can,

  • Save on infrastructure cost
  • Save on technology support and
  • Save on paralegal salary and other benefits.


A structured organization of medical records based on medical chronology is easy to access and read. A medical records review involves:

  • Accurate extract of date, time, procedures, and treatments
  • Uncover missing data
  • Delete duplicate records and
  • Feature complex information.

Having quick access to review give lawyers ample time to prepare for the trial.

Multiple Expertise

A paralegal team and other staff might have significantly less experience in reviewing different medical cases. Whereas an expert team has years of experience in managing various types of medical records, such as

  • Personal injury, disability, product liability, mass tort,
  • Medical negligence/malpractice, workers’ compensation, and class actions.

Data Security

The outsourcing team reviews all medical records adhering to respective country law. For example, HIPAA. An experienced service provider ensures,

  • Data privacy/confidentiality
  • Quality analysis and
  • High-quality summary.

Why PreludeSys?

Looking for cost-effective ways to obtain accurate medical records review? You just landed in the right place!. Since 1998 PreludeSys have provided first-in-class medical records review service with a qualified global team and technologists. The result of an excellent medical records review is

  • A simplified version of medical history and
  • Accurate medical records organization.

One person’s medical records can easily have 100’s of pages. To have an unskilled person read through hundreds of pages of medical records is unreasonable and time-consuming. Outsource the service to a qualified team at PreludeSys. Schedule a call to know more.


1. Why should I consider outsourcing medical record review?
Outsourcing medical record review offers several benefits, including cost savings, access to specialized expertise, faster turnaround times, increased accuracy, and the ability to focus on core business activities.

2.  What types of organizations can benefit from medical record review outsourcing?
Healthcare providers, insurance companies, legal firms, and other entities dealing with medical data can benefit from outsourcing medical record review. It helps them manage large volumes of medical records efficiently and make informed decisions based on the analyzed data.


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