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Comprehensive medical information with precise chronology

Innovation in the healthcare industry directly depends on how well they manage, record, interpret and retrieve their medical data. Healthcare organizations heave under the pressure of vast volumes of disorganized and missing data.

PreludeSys offers extensive Medical record review services by leveraging cutting-edge technology to organize medical records into specific categories, sort them chronologically and summarize them for a deeper understanding.

Medical Record Review Services

Medical record review services from PreludeSys meticulously log and index the patient details such as patient journeys, case histories, and physician interviews and make them available for evaluations, cross-references, and retrospective analysis.

PreludeSys is committed to empowering healthcare professionals, legal experts, law firms, insurance companies, and other entities with a concise and unbiased summary of records for all medico-legal litigation needs.

We offer the following services for medical records.

Deduplication involves sifting through the medical records to meticulously identify and weed out duplicate reports, other patients’ records, and redundant pages.

PreludeSys leverages AI/ML to tag, sort, and remove duplicates with the help of experienced reviewers.

In addition, we index the medical records in chronological order to provide summaries for use by legal professionals for claims processing.

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Medical records indexing makes it simple for our clients to retrieve all the organized demographic and medical information relevant to a specific case.

We sort and feature pre-defined categories such as doctor’s notes, Admin, and Lab Reports for associated professionals to retrieve any information quickly.


Medical Records Review

It is a chronological listing of the various medical encounters of the patient, such as the complaint, diagnosis, treatment plan, recommendations, treatment provided, reports, and bills.

A scrutinized summary with a snapshot view of medical records enables doctors and attorneys to understand a patient’s history and provide appropriate care.



It involves creating hyperlinks to access specific pages of critical importance quickly.

Linking makes it easy to hover over specific parameters to access the facts readily.

Spot verification becomes seamless with hyperlinking that helps to navigate throughout the medical summary of the index.

Medical Scribing

PreludeSys offers medical scribing services with trained professionals who transcribe critical data from clinical visits to the physician into electronic health records. As a result, they reduce physicians’ workload in documenting these data and help them utilize their time to provide critical patient care.

Features of PreludeSys’ medical scribing services,


Physician & patient interactions are recorded to the last detail in real-time.

Report Creation In
Record Time

We consolidate all the patient-related data into error-free reports.

Perfect Alignment
with Client SLAs

We strictly adhere to client SLAs and follow industry practices to optimize our process.

100% Compliance
with Standards & Guidelines

We comply with all the standard guidelines and policies, including HIPAA, concerning patient safety.

Retrieval of Medical Records for Health Care

Healthcare providers and insurance companies collect documents related to medical records, insurance for claims and benefits, and employment records from healthcare centers, insurance companies, and employers. To ensure their time is not wasted, our team of callers calls ahead and fixes an appointment for our client’s agents.

Before calling, our callers gather all relevant information, such as the case number, date of request, and approval details. The success of the call also depends on the team’s ability to respond appropriately to their questions.

PreludeSys’ first callers ensure:
  • All informational liaisons and negotiations are conducted as per the clients’ availability and convenience.
  • All necessary information, such as case data, important patient journey dates, and claims records, is delivered to the client’s agents.

Insurance Data Entry

Error-free insurance data entry is critical to prevent misrepresentation, misreading, and denying or agreeing to claims.

At PreludeSys, we handpick our insurance data entry specialists who can
  • Compile data through enhanced classification & organization
  • Capture all the data points in a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Compile the most critical data using their knowledge of medical terminology
  • Include data elements such as dates, limits, categories, and coverages.
  • Convert the image data to digital format

Case Studies


A medical records discovery company leverages PreludeSys’ domain knowledge and expertise for medical records review


Medical Records Review For Occupational Health and Disability Examination Services


Gain a Competitive Edge with PreludeSys Medical Record Review and Analysis


My office has been using the services of Preludesys since May, 2020 for summarizing medical records and indexing medical records and other documentation that we obtain, thus relieving the burden of doing so that was previously on my staff.  Their system has evolved over the last 2-1/2+ years and my staff find it incredibly easy to use by simply uploading records to their portal, providing instructions via email and getting the requested results back in a timely manner, and in most cases the very next day.  The people at Preludesys are very accommodating with any requests or suggestions we have made, and I would highly recommend them to any other firm that requires this type of assistance.

Charles Gluckstein

President of Gluckstein Lawyers

“Extremely happy with all work performed to date. Excellent customer relations as well as meeting all deadlines in an efficient and timely manner”

Bryan Myers

Director of Operations at Unisource Discovery

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