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70-Million pages of medical records are reviewed at $3 per page for Qualified Medical Legal Exams (QME) each year in states like California.

Over 40% of those pages are the SAME pages submitted by both parties.

The PreludeSys Deduplication service would save employers over $60-Million if used for every QME exam.

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Preludesys Approach to Deduplication

  • Before serving the QME with your records, upload your intended records and the other party’s records they intend to serve on the QME to our HIPAA-compliant server and unique file space.
  • We will post a complete set of de-duplicated medical records for you to serve on the QME that will cause NO duplication of records across both party’s intended records.
  • We will also post the LOG sheet and Cover Letter for you to comply with the Labor Code and your state’s Code of Regulations, which will contain a link to the records for the parties and the QME to download your record set.
  • Finally, we will send you an email with the TOTAL PAGE count of records to be reviewed by the QME, including your side’s pages and the opposing sides pages. Use this page count make certain the QME does not overcharge for record reviews in their billing.

Our dynamic, hybrid approach leverages AI/ML systems and experienced reviewers to tag the medical records

Deduplication Summary Report


Pages in attorney files


pages in payer files


pages quarantined in payer

Save Yourself hundreds of dollars with Every Report

An official report indicates that an average of 1,079 pages of records are billed out for medical legal reports, representing $3,237 in record review by the QME alone.

Of that, at least 40% of the pages are duplicates caused by the medical locations that sourced the records and the two parties submitting duplicates of the same records and reports, representing $1,294.90 in unnecessary paid expense.