Adopt microservices
Real benefits, worth the challenges

Develop modern applications as a set of independently deployable modular services.

Microservices is an approach of developing single application as a suite of many loosely coupled and independently deployable smaller services. Their organizational benefits:

  • Make well-informed decisions
  • Deliver quality products/services
  • Improve business outcomes

PreludeSys highly skilled team has developed modular applications that are independent, secure, and agile. We accelerate project completion leveraging DevOps methodologies and other techniques that enable quick repairs, updates, and upgrades with minimum to zero downtime.

Our development services for microservices cover


Assess your enterprise IT systems and lay a strategic roadmap for an easy adoption of microservices.


Seamlessly migrate your monolithic apps and legacy systems to a microservices-based architecture.


Integrate microservices modules using APIs that make application databases and legacy apps flexible and agile.


Test the entire workflow, process, systems, services, and integration touch points to ensure proper functioning.

Support & maintenance

Provide proactive support and maintenance to enhance the quality of microservices applications and reduce defects.


Optimize applications for DevOps and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model that allows to deploy small services frequently.

Microservices being a popular architectural style for modern applications and cloud being the one stop destination for hosting those applications, microservices becomes must have to cloud computing. Partnering with a reliable cloud provider like PreludeSys, you can minimize management challenges and optimize operations cost with the on-demand, pay-per-use infrastructure model.

Serverless Computing

PreludeSys is well versed in building the future of microservices – the serverless computing model where we allocate machine resources on demand. Serverless Computing enables you to pay only for the computing resources you utilized. We take care of the servers on your behalf and manage capacity planning, configuration, maintenance, fault tolerance, and scaling of containers, VMs, or physical servers.



Serverless execution model is cost-effective than renting or purchasing independent servers which generally involve periods of underutilization or idle times. This model is often described as pay-as-you-go computing as you’ll be charged only based on time and memory allocated to run your code.


As cloud-native systems scale up or down, developers do not need to spend time setting up the systems or auto scaling policies. This enables small team of developers to run the code themselves without depending on the infrastructure or support engineers.


The Function-as-a-service or the serverless model make the code as simple event-driven functions. The serverless model eliminates multi threading or handling HTTP requests in the code thereby simplifying the task of back-end software development.


PreludeSys is highly equipped to package and execute applications, related configuration files, libraries and all its dependencies in containers that can consistently and uniformly run on any infrastructure. We build containers or software packages that are portable and run across any platform, free of issues. This can help you further your future application development as well as retire applications when vendor compatibility fails and host it somewhere else.



As containers are smaller than VMs, they require less start-up time allowing more containers to run on the same compute capacity as a single VM. This drives higher server efficiencies and reduces server licensing costs.


Container model follows ‘write once, run anywhere’ approach and so they can be abstracted from the host operating system and executed anywhere. Container applications are portable between different platforms and clouds.

Faster delivery

Containerizing monolithic applications using microservices gives the flexibility to work in virtual infrastructures, enables faster app start up, and easier scaling thus allowing development teams to create functionality with its own lifecycle.

Mobile application development

PreludeSys is a pioneer in developing mobile applications for smartphones and digital assistants, most commonly for iOS and Android platforms.We are highly efficient in offloading data storage and caching to a cloud server that provides advanced functionality without slowing down your application or straining the device it is running on.


Stay front-of-mind

When customers can use your product or service as a simple mobile app, they tend to interact with your business more often.

Ease of access

Mobile apps are very handy that enables users for quick and easy access when compared to websites.

Data capture

Valuable data like user interaction, activity, and behaviour can be captured from apps that can be used to better your businesses.

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