Today, enterprises generate massive data which must be optimized and transformed into valuable business knowledge. Our team of experienced data engineers can build a high-performing data infrastructure that will optimize your data and make it ready to meet your organization’s analytics needs.

We leverage Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, Data Science, and Real-time Analytics to simplify data architecture, reduce costs, increase profits, and help achieve your precise business goals.

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Our Approach

PreludeSys is an end-to-end service provider for all your data estate needs; explore, prepare, manage, transform, and serve data—at scale.

We are a trusted, certified Microsoft Gold Partner that has helped many mid and large-scale companies manage their data needs through a broad engagement model covering consulting, implementation, support, and optimization services.


  • Assess data quality and recommend data security best practices and policy compliance
  • Develop data strategy to meet ever-expanding/changing organizations’ needs
  • Setup data governance framework to manage enterprise data
  • Strategize and develop a roadmap for a new analytics platform


  • Data cleansing, mapping, transformation, and reporting
  • SQL database lift and shift migration—Hybrid ETL/ELT approach with Azure Data Factory
  • Implement on-premise to cloud integration using Azure Data Factory or Databricks
  • Real-time data streaming using Azure Databricks (with Java, Scala, Python, R, etc. languages expertise)

Optimization and Support

  • Optimize infrastructure resources and automate data scanning for potential issues
  • Monitor data warehouse and database uptime and availability
  • Optimize the ETL process to minimize errors and load time
  • Maintain enterprise data platforms—Data Mart, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Stores, etc.

Service offerings

Data Engineering

  • Create and Manage your data architectures notebook
  • Spark job definitions and Spark cluster for large scale data analytics
  • Data Pipelines to convert data from raw format to decision-making format

Data Warehouse

  • Azure Data Lake, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Storage Service—Blobs, Files, Queues, and Tables
  • Delta lakes using Data bricks
  • Azure Synapse

Data Science

  • Problem formulation and ideation
  • Data exploration, preparation, and cleansing
  • Experiments and ML Modeling
  • Enrich, operationalize, and insights

Real-time Analytics

  • Automatic data streaming, automatic indexing and data partitioning
  • On-demand query generation and visualizations
  • Streaming and time-series data
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Synapse Solution

Data engineering solutions


Unified data access

Build a data platform on Azure and centralize your data

Lower TCO

Lower total cost of ownership, fully-managed, and always up to date

Data security

Protect your investment with built-in, intelligent security

Data quality

Cleanse data to ensure accuracy, reliability, completeness, and consistency

Data democratization

Democratize data responsibly to power broader digital transformation