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Microsoft data analytics consulting and implementation – A comprehensive solution model

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Data analytics services help businesses monitor key performance indicators in real-time and determine metrics that drive more opportunities and success. Simply put, it’s the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful data patterns and applying them to effective decision-making.

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Building analytics solutions require skilled data engineers to collect, integrate, transform, consolidate, prepare, and tune the performance of various data structures. So we’ll position your business so that it can:

  • Harnesses data to ensure operational excellence and achieve competitive advantage
  • Surfaces the correct information to accelerate decision-making

We leverage Azure Data Platform for faster predictions and better security that enable you to build a single source of truth for all your structured and unstructured data, driving BI, reporting, and real-time analytics. In addition, we will implement Azure Data Factory or Azure Data bricks, a fully managed integration service to ingest data from both cloud and on-premises data stores, orchestrate and monitor them at scale.

PreludeSys, a leading analytics services company pioneer in BI and analytics consulting and implementation with the deep domain expertise to glean insight and understand the value of data generated from all behaviours.

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Data Analytics leads us to find hidden patterns from the data generated every second – from customer behaviours and team accountability to finding connections between processes and business performance.

Every business needs to augment data to understand the strategic flow, derive logical reasoning, generate synthetic data to support deep learning, and ensure if the process is working at its best to achieve present and future goals.

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Our multi-year data handling experience enables business stakeholders to uncover insights buried in data and draw informed conclusions from raw data.

Our advanced solutions have many intuitive filters and data manipulation features that help organize unstructured data for analysis and discover insights in minutes. Expert data engineers at PreludeSys can help you process large volumes of data and extend current data applications by integrating with operational stores and data warehouses. In addition, we help you manage and optimize your data platforms and pipelines on the Azure cloud.

We understand that analysis requires algorithms, analytics, and AI models to find patterns and transform these patterns into predictions that support business decision-making. Our data engineering experts can understand your complete data lifecycle, validate the accuracy and predictions to achieve your business goals.

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