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Upgrade to a scalable, agile platform – Power BI to see results upfront

Leveraging the Power BI software suite can help you visualize any enterprise and self-service BI data. In comparison, the intelligent tool enables you to process data from various touchpoints and to share actionable insights with hundreds of data visualizations for ready consumption on the go.

Power BI

Being a skilled Power BI consultant and certified Microsoft Gold Partner, PreludeSys leverages Microsoft’s data analytics solution to offer flexible engagements catering to simple to complex business intelligence requirements.

Our Power BI architects study your disparate data systems and BI readiness before starting data preparation, integration, and implementation.

You can protect data across Microsoft Power BI visualization solutions, be it reports or dashboards with continuous protection that keeps your data secure even when shared outside your organization.

Leveraging the Power BI reporting tool helps

  • Keep your data secure and easy to access with end-to-end encryption
  • Transform data into insights in a quick turnaround
  • Create hundreds of visualizations with meaningful insights
  • Reduce other added costs, complexity, and security risks

Our Solution Model

Quick Start

Start simple with the time-saving and ready-made Quick Start solution.
Go from several days to instant reports

Accelerator – The Key Differentiator for Your Retail Business

Accelerator for Power BI offers an array of plug-and-play data models and ready-to-use templates to
improve retail business performance. Retailers can curate and present data coherently through
interactive data reports and appealing visualizations.

Derive store-level sales patterns, customer trends, and performance data. Then, measure the right
KPIs and build a real-time business strategy for online and offline channels.

Challenges Commonly Faced by Retailers

What We Offer

Why PreludeSys

  • Predictive analysis leveraging Python
  • Standardized report frameworks
  • Less manual intervention and error-free reports
  • Customized dashboards and reports at the persona level
  • Actionable visualizations and faster time-to-market
  • Retail specific KPIs – Product basket analysis, RFM, Customer 360, Logistics, and Inventory views.

Power BI License Cost

Procure a Power BI License and get discounts from the standard market prices

*Conditions apply – Rates mentioned are put in sync with Microsoft and are subject to change with Microsoft revision.

Create interactive data visualizations with Power BI reports

Access real-time data. Find answers fast

Power BI brings together data from multiple sources and gives a comprehensive view of what’s happening across the organization in a single pane. You can apply filters to your datasets and drill down into every aspect of your business to check high and low-performing areas and make constructive decisions on the go. Quickly interpret data and get a 360-degree view of your business through interactive visuals and personalized reports in the form of graphs, charts, and tables.

You can empower employees to collaborate and work together on the same data and share insights through Power BI reports.

Create interactive data visualizations with Power BI
Accelerate your decision-making with Power BI dashboards

Accelerate your decision-making with Power BI dashboards

Empowering businesses to make decisions on the go with real-time data

At Preludesys, we customize your dashboards with critical metrics and KPIs that best suit your needs and help you delve into advanced analytics quicker for better insights. These types of tailor-made dashboards can reveal meaningful insights into industry trends, operations, markets, and more.

Interactive Power BI dashboards give a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across the organization that can help

  • Gauge performance (business, projects, and resources)
  • Streamline processes to improve business operations
  • Make educated decisions faster without flaws

Provide the key decision-makers the metrics they need to do their job

Enable the critical decision-makers to feel in complete control with ready-to-use data and reports
  • Collect and curate data from disparate systems in one place
  • Build reports, dashboards and visualize outcomes
  • Share insights with the team and top decision-makers
  • Streamline business processes for a strategic growth
Provide the key decision-makers the metrics they need to do their job
The need for Power BI now

The need for Power BI now

Modernize your reports and dashboards for a fantastic data experience with Power BI

Insights – Anywhere, Anytime
Power BI enables the creation of shareable reports and dashboards accessible on the cloud, desktop, and across mobile devices.

Unparalleled Excel integration
Combine Excel with Power BI to quickly gather, transfer, analyze, and explore critical business data in new ways, such as quickly consumable reports and stunning interactive dashboards.

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