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The Role of Power BI in a Digitally Transformed World

7 September 2021

Data – The New Digital World

As the business landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift in operations, enterprises across the globe have started to transform digitally. The diverse tech transitions and the need for revamped operational models have driven businesses to leverage the latest technology solutions to ensure business continuity. As enterprises adopt various tools and technology solutions to upgrade their business model, the need for business analytics escalated in quick time.

Regardless of revamping the operational models and infrastructure, “business data” still holds the key for any enterprise. As the business landscape is slowly transitioning to the digital world of operations, enterprises have started to discern the significance of data in their digital transformation journey.

“There is an abundance of data available in the digital world, and if it’s harnessed effectively and correctly, it can provide terrific insights.”

— Gian Fulgoni

Business Intelligence

One of the key buzzwords that have caught the attention of businesses in this digitally transformed world is “Business Intelligence.” Ever since enterprises started to unravel the digital world, business intelligence has come along a far way.

Business Intelligence is the process or strategy of transforming raw business data into actionable and meaningful insights. These insights offer a holistic view of the key business operations and aid in data-driven decisions.

To put in simple words, “Business Intelligence is the key factor that acts as a bridge between business data and informed decisions.”

As businesses continue to evolve each day, the volume of business data grows exponentially. Hence, it’s essential to manage and streamline the business-critical data efficiently to improve the operational model. Supported by a wide array of data analytics tools and strategies, BI is the new key to unlock the digital world of data.

Power BI, All-in-One Data Analytics, Reporting and Visualization Platform

Power BI, one of the highly rated business analytics services offered by Microsoft, aids businesses to efficiently manage and analyze data with diverse tools, apps, and connectors. Power BI converts your unprocessed and unrelated data into valuable insights. It also lets you connect, model, and visualize business data as interactive reports and dashboards.

The Power BI is designed so that its built-in machine learning and data analytics features improve data quality and business agility. Leveraging Power BI enables you to acquire actionable insights from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With the aid of Power BI’s limitless features and capabilities, your business process automation may seemingly look like a walk in the park. 

The Role of Power BI in Today’s Digital World

Ever since the digital transformation wave set in, business intelligence services gained a lot of traction. As a result, businesses across the globe started to explore some of the best BI tools like Power BI, Oracle Analytics, Tableau, and several more to capitalize on their data. Though diverse business intelligence tools have been introduced in the market over the years, Microsoft’s Power BI has always remained undisputed due to its credibility and the amazing data experience it offers.

Microsoft Power BI’s wide array of solutions like advanced data analytics, reporting, and visualization services have completely transformed the business landscape in today’s digital world. From helping businesses to create interactive reports to third-party integrations and business automation – Power BI could well be the powerhouse for your business.

Better Organizational Collaboration

Organizational collaboration before and after the digital transformation wave reflects a massive change in the workspace model. Unlike the conventional operational models, digital enablement has offered businesses a bit more space to collaborate and work in unison without any operational disruptions. That is exactly where Microsoft’s Power BI

  • Provides businesses the competitive edge to create, collaborate, manage, and distribute files/reports between co-workers with ease
  • Enables multiple teams within the organization to work together on the same files/docs at the same time without any hassle

The workspace also provides options to assign roles to co-workers for easy updates and better transparency. 

Powering Cloud Intelligence

In today’s digital world, several businesses are moving their applications and workloads to the cloud environment for better operational efficiency and business agility. The diverse cloud computing capabilities available today demand business intelligence and strategic visualizations to process real-time data and share them safely across users. The Power BI Desktop and Power BI service work hand-in-hand in this scenario to integrate analytics with cloud intelligence and better use the computing capabilities.

Advanced data transformation

Working with data is always challenging as it is rarely available in the right format at the right place at the right time. Upgrading from tools like Excel to Power BI can make it easier for you to tell data stories and for your end-users to gain insights. Before getting started with shaping and transforming the data, it’s important to connect to the data source. Power BI has several connectors to support platforms like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Simply put, advanced data transformation in Power BI is nothing but transforming data into the format understandable by the Power BI system by creating data models and generating reports.

Business Intelligence at its Best

Several businesses today primarily rely on advanced data analytics while structuring their business operations for the future. Unlike before, enterprises can’t sit back and wait for opportunities anymore. The digital age is 10x competitive than we could imagine; hence businesses have started to look for data intelligence features to analyze their existing market values and predict future outcomes.

Power BI’s advanced business intelligence and data modeling capabilities offer businesses the power of predictive analytics to compete in today’s digital world. With features to generate historical data (past) and analyze current market trends and financial graphs, enterprises could easily prepare for the future. Power BI’s

  • Predictive analytics – use of historical data, patterns, and ML techniques to predict future outcomes and
  • Prescriptive analytics – uses data and goes in-depth into the potential results of specific actions capabilities have significantly helped enterprises to arrive at better business decisions. 

Process intelligence to reach full business potential

In order to increase your business process efficiency, a platform that models your business operations by identifying bottlenecks and predicting future outcomes is essential – process intelligence exactly does that. Power BI reconstructs the process instances step-by-step, even if they are from multiple sources, and helps you cut out unnecessary steps, get accurate results to interpret and act on, and reduce costs.

No matter how many systems you use in your business, Power BI gets a unified process intelligence solution to analyze and visualize your business processes. Process intelligence in Power BI enables you to identify workflows and steps that can be automated. This, in turn, can save your employees’ time and effort spent on manual tasks. With complete transparency into the workflows, you can gain insights into your business processes and look for opportunities for continuous improvements. 

The New Hack to Simple & Interactive Reports

Managing reports has always been a tiring task for businesses until the emergence of data intelligence tools. The augmented growth of data in today’s business landscape undoubtedly demands a reliable tool to manage heaps of data and reports efficiently. Thanks to Power BI that has offered a new lease of life for businesses in the form of interactive and personalized reports and dashboards.

By bridging the pivotal gap between business data and informed decisions, Power BI’s advanced data analytics and visualization services allow businesses to generate reports across devices with ease. In addition, Power BI’s various reporting tools have transformed today’s business to be more agile and flexible.

Transform your business with Power BI

Businesses in today’s digital world have gone beyond operational models and workflows. Enterprises are looking at various tools and solutions to strive in today’s competitive business landscape. Enterprises must think ahead of time by leveraging the business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI that could significantly impact businesses.

Power BI is a complete package of solutions tailored for the digital business world. From better team collaboration to interactive reports, data management, and predictive analysis – Power BI is the perfect intelligence tool for your business.

Are you interested in exploring the diverse capabilities of Power BI? If that’s the case, we are here to help you! Being a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than two decades of experience in digital transformation services, we help businesses transform digitally by leveraging our tailored Power BI solutions and capabilities. Want to know more about Power BI implementation and integration? Call us now!

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